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you Dewatering

you Implications of dewatering within the dolomite spaces

The definition of dewatering is likely to create a notion of completely dry mines or water supplies. This is not the truth as dewatering is a express where the influx to the acquire is lowered by getting rid of water that may be in safe-keeping in the dolomites. When the inner compartment is dewatered the acquire still activities a continuous inflow, often incredibly significant, with inflow rate equal to the recharge rate.

Dewatering can be achieved whenPumping rate sama dengan Recharge rate

Thus even though a inner compartment is dewatered, substantial volumes of prints of drinking water must be pumped from the puits.

By way of example: In the Oberholzer compartment, dewatering began in September 1955 and was accomplished in April 1973. During this period maximum pumping costs reached 170 ML/day while the steady express pumping, following dewatering, can be 50 ML/day. The advantage of dewatering is that under steady express conditions the water inflow to the mines can be controlled and predictable. Abrupt catastrophic inflows are not more likely to happen.

Bredenkamp (1993), shows that the Gemsbokfontein inner compartment has been dewatered by WAGM since 1986, while in the Bekkersdal compartment north of the Gemsbokfontein compartment and separated by the Panvlakte fag, water levels are obviously unaffected. The eastern Gemsbokfontein compartment leaking through the Mag dyke, in order to avoid drawdown by occurring into a level in which sinkholes may possibly develop. This compartment is artificially recharged with dewatered water. The Zuurbekom inner compartment is impacted by dewatering.

Bredenkamp's (1993) study concurs with leakage coming from Gemsbokfontein east Compartment and suggests that a lot of recirculation is usually taking place. The recharge is usually estimated to be 24% of the average rainfall of the previous 12 months. Drinking water levels inside the Gemsbokfontein West Compartment happen to be declining at 0. 375 m/month.

two Pumping rates and normal water levels

The offered data in pumping costs has been noted in a repository allowing digital evaluation in the data. Irrespective of gaps inside the data, like a mines stored more total records than others, the flooding of West Driefontein in 1968 is obvious, and the stabilisation in growing can be seen in Determine 5-39, intended for the souterrain when dewatering was attained.

The mine dewatering pumping is equivalent to a large size pumping test out, the analysis of which could yield vital information about the aquifer parameters which includes hydraulic conductivity and storage area characteristics. The response of water levels or moving rate to rainfall as well gives indications of the recharge characteristics. The results of such analysis are important for making predictions about future drinking water levels, prices of drinking water rise and once considering management options intended for the system. Unfortunately not all the mines have stored suitable records and indirect techniques must be used.


Figure 5-39. Dewatering prices at distinct mines over time.

Comparability between moving rate and rainfall can be an indirect indication from the water-level respond to rainfall and shows the kind of recharge that will be happening. Evaluation of the info in this way offered no very clear relationships, although other researchers show a lag moments of between two and four several weeks on the Western world Rand souterrain, and half a year in the Financial institution compartment (Fleisher 1981 and Krantz 1997). These researchers suggest that the lag time show two methods of charge.

1 . Immediate recharge happens when the mines have direct connection to the surface.

2 . Postponed recharge happens when water is derived via charge of water supplies and from these, stream to acquire workings by way of fractures.

The mining companies, especially GFSA, possess monitored groundwater levels. Monitoring sites consist of: shafts, monitoring bores next to shafts and monitoring and production bores in other elements of the catchment. The main impact is a steep drawdown near...


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