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Week 1 Quiz| 100. zero Points

Question 1 of 25| four. 0 Details

The higher the money of a organization, the higher the significance the organization is guaranteed of obtaining in the market. |

| A. The case

B. Phony

Answer Important: False

Query 2 of 25| 4. 0 Points

Which from the following is definitely not a primary source of capital to the company? | |

| A. assets|


| B. common stock|


| C. preferred stock|


| D. bonds|

Answer Key: A

Question several of 25| 4. 0 Points

Consider the following info for Ball Corp. Advertising and management expense $40, 000Depreciation price 70, 000Sales 350, 000Interest expense 35, 000Cost of goods sold 110, 000Taxes 17, 500What is a Operating Earnings for Ball Corp? | |

| A. $71, 450|


| B. $90, 000|


| C. $130, 000|


| D. None of these|

Answer Key: C

Question some of 25| 4. 0 Points

Which will of the next is not really subtracted out in arriving at functioning income? | |

| A. interest expense|


| B. expense of goods sold|


| C. depreciation|


| D. selling and management expense|

Answer Important: A

Issue 5 of 25| four. 0 Points

Preferred stock is omitted from stockholders equity because it does not have got full voting rights. |

| A. Authentic

B. Phony

Answer Key: False

Question 6 of 25| some. 0 Factors

A firm offers current resources of $22.99, 000 and total property of 300 dollar, 000. The firm's revenue are $900, 000. The firm's set asset proceeds is | |

| A. 4. 5x|


| B. doze. 0x|


| C. 2 . 4x|


| D. five. 0x|

Answer Crucial: A

Feedback: Total Property = Current assets & Fixed property

$300, 000 = $100, 1000 + Set assets

Fixed Assets = $200, 000

Fixed advantage turnover = Sales / Fixed Resources

$900, 000 / $200, 500 = some. 5

Query 7 of 25| some. 0 Factors

Candy Business had sales of $320, 000 and cost of merchandise sold of $112, 000. What is the gross revenue margin (ratio of low profit to sales)? | |

| A. 55%|


| W. 65%|


| C. 73. 3%|


| D. non-e of these|

Solution Key: W

Question 8 of 25| 4. 0 Points

Personal debt utilization ratios are used to assess the firm's debts position to find its advantage base and earning electric power. |

| A. True

N. False

Response Key: The case

Question 9 of 25| 4. zero Points

Asset utilization proportions


| A. relate balance sheet possessions to cash flow statement product sales. | | |

| B. measure what kind of money is available to get reinvestment in to current resources. | | |

| C. are most crucial to stockholders. |


| D. measures the firm's ability to generate a profit on sales. | | Solution Key: A

Question 10 of 25| 4. 0 Points

Firm theory assumes that corporate and business managers action to increase the wealth of company shareholders. |

| A. Accurate

B. Bogus

Answer Important: False

Problem 11 of 25| 5. 0 Details

Which two ratios are used inside the DuPont program to create come back on possessions? | |

| A. Come back on assets and advantage turnover|


| W. Profit perimeter and asset turnover|


| C. Return on total capital and the profit margin|


| M. Inventory proceeds and come back on set assets|

Answer Important: B

Question 12 of 25| 4. 0 Items

Ratios prefer compare different firms in the same market. |

| A. True

M. False

Answer Key: The case

Question 13 of 25| 4. zero Points

Which of the pursuing would not always be included in the "balance sheet" investment accounts? | |

| A....


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