WEA SEN Essay

TASK you

Frameworks, Structures and Meanings (Level 3)

Question you – Specify the term Unique Educational Demands.

The term ‘Special Educational Needs'(SEN) has a legal definition, referring to children with learning troubles or problems that make it more difficult for them to learn or get education than most children of the same age.

The definition as established by the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2001 is:

Children have particular educational requirements if there is a learning difficulty which necessitates special educational provision to become made for these people.

Children possess a learning difficulty in the event they: --

a) Include a significantly nicer difficulty in learning that the majority of kids of the same age; or b) Have a disability which in turn prevents or hinders them from utilizing educational facilities of the kind generally provided for children of the same age in educational institutions within the part of the local education authority. c) Are under compulsory institution age and fall inside the definition in (a) or (b) above or will do so in the event that special educational provision has not been made for all of them.

Children should not be regarded as possessing a learning handicap solely as the language or perhaps form of vocabulary of their home is different from your language by which they will be trained.

TASK one particular

Frameworks, Constructions and Explanations (Level 3)

Question a couple of – Sum up the key areas of the current regulatory framework governing SEN supply.

The Exceptional Educational Needs (Provision info by Community Educational Authorities) (England) Regulations 2001 need LEA's to create their policies on SEN and information regarding how the expert is:

Promoting large standards of education for children with SEN.

Encouraging kids with SEN to participate fully inside their school and community and also to take part in decisions about their education.

Encouraging schools in their place to share their particular practice in providing for children with SEN.

Working with various other statutory and voluntary systems to provide support for children with SEN.

The following legislation may also be drawn in for assistance: - Educational Act 1996

SEN and Disability Work 2001

SEN Regulations 2001

SEN Code of Practice 2001

Comprehensive Schooling Advice 2001

Impairment Rights Code of Practice 2002

The Children's Work 2004

DFES and DRC Guidance – on putting into action the Splendour Act in Schools and Early Years Placing 2006 Equality Act 2010

Education Act 2011


Frameworks, Structures and Definitions (Level 3)

Problem 3 – Describe kids of SEN found in mainstream and particular schools, relevant to the 4 areas of want, giving samples of each. Sum up the main troubles experienced by simply children with SEN in the four areas.

There are a array of SEN found in mainstream schools. These are generally broken down in to four aspects of need. Every child is exclusive and should be assessed accordingly. It is possible that their exceptional educational requirements are inter-related to more than one of these groups.

The four areas of need are: -

1) Interaction and Discussion.

2) Experience and Learning.

3) Behaviour, Emotional and Social Advancement.

4) Sensory and Physical

1) Connection and Conversation.

Most children with special educational needs include strengths and difficulties in a single, some or perhaps all areas of speech, language and connection. It is possible that their communication needs will be diverse and complex. It is important that their linguistic competence is developed to help their pondering as well as all their communication.

Kids of difficulties that may encompass children and young people with speech and language difficulties could be: Presentation and language delay

Impairments or disorders

Specific learning difficulties such as



Hearing impairment

Features on the autistic variety

Moderate learning difficulties

Severe learning...


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