Was your Vietnam Conflict Necessary?

 Was the Vietnam War Important? Essay

The Vietnam Warfare was not important

Donna Baker

COM/172 Version 3

October 29, 2012

Donna Hooley

The Vietnam War made its debut in 1954 with all the defeat with the French and ended in 75 with the land and withdrawal of Saigon. The Usa States' (U. S. 's) involvement in the Vietnam War started in 1963 with support of guns, military schooling, advisement, and supplies right up until 1965 when ever U. S. troops entered battle with the North Vietnamese (Szczepanski, n. d. ). American troops did not get of the war until 1973. Was the U. S. is actually involvement in the Vietnam Warfare worth time, money, and energy they put with it? That solution depends on to whom you ask. A lot of politicians, civilians, and armed service personnel regarded the U. S. 's involvement in the Vietnam War necessary; other folks, especially peace-activists, did not. If this warfare was necessary or not really, it influenced the U. S. and Vietnam in lots of ways. The Vietnam War damaged the U. S. economy, Vietnamese, and U. T. civilians, and both military from the U. S. and Vietnam. The Vietnam Battle is still affecting both countries today.

The U. T. entered the Vietnam Warfare to prevent the spread of communism (Szczepanski, n. m. ). She further added the way the reds works:

Beneath communism, non-e of the " means of production" - industrial facilities, land, and so forth - are owned simply by individuals. Rather, the government handles the method of production and all sorts of the people interact. The wealth produced is definitely shared out among the people based on their demands, rather than prove contribution towards the work. The result, in theory, can be described as classless contemporary society where almost everything is general public, rather than private, property. (Para. 2)

Ho Chi Minh (a communism leader) reigned over North Vietnam. A democratic government beneath the leadership of Ngo Dinh Diem (after his murder was later on ruled by General Duong Van Minh) ruled South Vietnam. North Vietnam wanted both sides to sign up under a communist rule. Vietnam is still under a political communist rule and a capitalist economy...

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