Institution Lunch Catering Business Plan

 School Lunch Catering Strategy Essay


2006 – 2011



Page 1 ) Introduction

1 . 1 1 . 2 1 . 3 1 . 4 Reason for the Plan Qualifications Aims from the Catering Service Wider Circumstance 3 a few 3 4 4 6th 8 almost 8 8 being unfaithful 11 11 12 13 14 18 16 seventeen

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Key Current Activities and Business Level Environment through which We Function 3. 1 3. 2 3. several Competition Government and Authorities Policy Different



4. 1 4. 2 Management and Personnel Financing

5. 6th.

Performance and Quality Requirements Strategic Creation

6. 1 6. 2 6. three or more Service Goals The Marketing Plan Schooling and Expansion

Appendix 1 - Organizing & Environmental Services Organogram Appendix a couple of - Teaching Plan / Schedule Appendix 3 -- Three 12 months Budget


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Purpose of the master plan The purpose of this plan is to set the direction when the Service aims to progress in the next five years and give personnel and others with an interest in it an understanding of the purpose and the environment where the service functions.

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Background The college catering services operates with an expenses of approximately £7. 90 million, the actual turnover at £7. 92 , 000, 000 (2004/05) and this service is expected to present a break-even position over its core activities. Difficulties recent affects on the service have included:  Best Value Review of the Service in 2000. �  Removing the Client/Contractor split, the demise of economic � Solutions and the incorporation of Trading Services in to the wider popular Council actions.  The Scottish Executive's Initiative Expert Panel statement " Famished for Success � – A Whole School Method of School Meals in Scotland”.  A fresh and better working relationship between Education and Catering � that has driven the Hungry to be successful agenda ahead making significant progress thus far. The Council's Scrutiny & Audit Panel carried out a complete investigation in to the School Dishes Service in 2003/04 and after the newsletter of their statement, the Authorities adopted their particular recommendations as well as the recommendations of Hungry to be successful as essential objectives intended for the Catering Service. As 1 04 2003, Council's are required to statement on ‘significant trading activities' in their accounts as laid out in the Local Government Scotland Work 2003. ‘A Best Value Method to Trading Accounts' (BVACOP) created by CIPFA and LASAAC delivers guidance records to support faithfulness to this necessity. The Authorities undertook a review of its actions in Autumn 2003 and designated College Catering as being a Statutory Trading Account.


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Aims in the Catering Services The principal aim of the Catering Service is always to provide a quality service to every its consumers. The Services will:  � satisfy the Council's coverage of offering a universal meal service across all universities by offering food selection that are nutritional balanced which has a variety of dishes to meet consumer expectations. These expectations will probably be established through customer research and feedback. support the Council's Strategic Intention to market community well-being by working together with all lovers to reduce health inequalities and promote healthier lifestyles. fulfill the requirements from the Education & Recreation Service through the system of the Services Level Contract that was signed away in May 2006 by the two Service Directors. work with educational institutions to develop and encourage a whole-school approach towards food in schools to improve and enhance the dining experience, maximise meal uptake and de-stigmatise the dotacion of free college meals. comply with nutrient, quality and amount standards prescribed under Starving for Success or any type of replacements given the green light by Her Majesty's Inspectors of Education (HMIE). use as much locally produced food as possible and supply as much of that food through local suppliers.

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Wider Context The Scottish Executive's eye-sight for a much healthier Scotland is defined out in all their policy papers: Towards a Healthier Scotland (1999); and Improving...


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