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Global Journal of Administration and Organization Research

Operations and Supervision

Volume 13 Issue 10 Version 1 . 0 Year 2013

Type: Double Window blind Peer Examined International Study Journal Publisher: Global Journals Inc. (USA)

Online ISSN: 2249-4588 & Print ISSN: 0975-5853

Research on Consumer Behavior towards Eco-Friendly Newspaper

By S. Kishore Kumar & Doctor Byram Anand

Pondicherry College or university, India

Abstract- The purpose of this kind of study is always to understand the variables affecting the buyer behavior although purchasing green products. Eco-friendly paper my spouse and i. e. daily news which is made of used paper and decreases the harm to environment when compared with manufacturing of traditional conventional paper (virgin paper). The reliant factor is definitely purchase intention and the self-employed factors happen to be environmental behavior, attitude, know-how and rules. The methodized questionnaire was used collect main data and analyzed using software package. From this research it really is found that attitude and personal norms are positively impacting on consumer order intention to eco-friendly paper. This analyze helps the marketers to create strategies for keeping in the competitive paper market. The newspaper industry may have its demand in spite of most current technologies. The paper is used for different purposes like producing, writing, documents and product packaging etc . Therefore the understanding consumer behavior is very important for marketers in the paper industry.

Keywords: green marketing, environmentally safe products, environmentally friendly products, eco-paper, sustainability, client behavior, buy intention.

GJMBR-E Classification: JEL Code: L67, M30


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A Study on Customer Behavior towards Eco Friendly Paper

variables impacting the consumer tendencies while purchasing

green items. Eco-friendly conventional paper i. e. paper which can be

manufactured from applied paper and reduces the harm to

environment compared to production of classic paper

(virgin paper). The dependent component is purchase intention as well as the independent factors are environmental behavior, frame of mind, knowledge and norms. The structured questionnaire was used

gather primary data and analyzed using software program.

From this analysis it is located that frame of mind and personal rules are absolutely influencing buyer purchase purpose

towards environmentally friendly paper. This kind of study assists the online marketers to design strategies for sustaining inside the competitive conventional paper

industry. The paper industry will have the demand regardless of latest technologies. The conventional paper is used for different purposes like printing, producing, documentation and packaging and so forth Hence the understanding buyer behavior is very important for

online marketers in the conventional paper industry.

Keywords: green promoting, environment-friendly





durability, consumer tendencies, purchase purpose.


I actually.


nvironment concern had become the most

significant issue to get mankind in the present world.

The firms are no exemption for this issue

and they are responding through environmentally safe

products. During this paper the conditions eco-friendly

products, environment-friendly items, green goods

mean a similar and are utilized interchangeably. The

depletion of oil assets, raw materials and pollution

decide to make organizations to rethink of the products

and services. The eco-friendly items are getting

introduced simply by modern businesses to protect the

environment. Earth-friendly paper is among the solutions

to save lots of the environment...

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environment-friendly products like eco-paper

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independent in decision making and not influenced by

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2013, from Of india Paper Companies Association:

consumers can help the organization to maintain in the 16. Manaktola, E., & Jauhari, V. (2007). Exploring

consumer attitude and beahvior toward green


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