Metropolis And 1984 TEE

 Metropolis And 1984 TEE Essay

Period of stableness

Metropolis administrators are remaining wing


In your solution you will be assessed on how well you:

demonstrate comprehension of the symbolism of a couple of texts when ever considered together evaluate the interactions between text messaging and situations

organise, develop and communicate ideas applying language suitable to audience, purpose and form






Social (Economic)




Contrast of colour

Within the film the abundant and rich are displayed with a richer light and the poor doing work class are shown using a dark lamps. The fonder of the film expresses this contrast of colour to define the social context of the time. Fantastic divide between your wealthy as well as the working course during Germany's Weimar Republic highlights the economic struggles that confronted the nation. Powerful visual imagery/symbolise

Mar of the staff at switch change period. They shuffle in the same gait, in precise rows looking scarcely human. These types of images represents conformity and service, which are main motifs in the film. These explications allude to the time of concern that was present in the working class after the country was hit with hyperinflation.

The workers happen to be being provided to the " Moloch” while human surrender The workers labor in a monstrous machine, a hellish industrial complex in which they must complete repetitive and dehumanizing jobs. At one point, the appliance is when compared to Moloch, the ancient Semitic deity honored by individual sacrifices. The tasks assumed by the workers will be purely physical, needing virtually no brain power, making them nothing more than action of the equipment.





Personification from the machine/ mid close up camera angle

One of the workers is intending to handle retain the anger in the machine by simply wrestling with all the buttons and dials. A mid close-up shot from the temperature increasing alludes towards the idea that the worker is being defeated by the machine and is also unable to develop the breakdown This kind of scene is a warning for its viewers. Not only about the dystopian sociable arrangements, the nation had began to embrace technology at a time when rapid industrialisation was changing culture. It suggests that the machines we have made to be employed by us are now working all of us, that we will be being used by our very own creation.

Historic (Political)




Dystopian social arrangement based on inequality of citizens. This kind of serves as a warning the particular characteristics were becoming more evident in the world in the 1920's. Landscape 2: no diegetic music

When ever Josephat goes in

Sets a sinister sculpt and feeling, and foreshadows Josaphat being " sent below” the close up of his face having a tear loading down his cheek alluding to his inherent empathy which allows the responder to associate Josaphat with the protagonist Freder. This kind of contrsts friederson as the theocratic dictator who shows no feeling and displays the lack of compassion. (indusrialists). Alludes towards the absolute horric working circumstances of the workers. Grots hunched posture and black clothes (body language)

Darkness presents the anxiety of his human nature at the hands of his extensive oppression. Gorts physicality is considerably superior to that of frederson, nevertheless the power and intellect released by the size and hierarchical position of Frederson topics grot to psychological oppression. Showcasing the inherent power of the human head over the body. This idea highlights the mediator between the head plus the hands should be the cardiovascular as to overcome the meeting of human nature that those above will without doubt oppress individuals below these people. Grot located central in mid taken

Instant central setting of Grot invokes a sense of disorientation in the responder determined by the ‘rule of thirds'.

Corresponding to the ‘rule of thirds' the central positioning of Grot inside the perspective of...


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