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Abendstern of Galgenberg – not any facial features, appears to be dancing, vulva is usually indicated because of the crease among her thighs which means is actually female. No idea if used in ritual.

Morgenstern of Willendorf – large breasts, could be pregnant, protected face, clear vulva

Venus of Laussel – fingers are obvious, etchings into horn (indicates wicca), seen in a give entrance, plainly holding belly *cornicopias indicate fertility today

Venus of Gagarino (looks like Willendorf) - This figure was found in american Russia, online dating to about 22, 500 BCE


Simply no male numbers found but from this period of time

Focus certainly not on features, but on representation

The images aren't centering on individual features or even the lusty, but the capacity to create your life. Real issue may be the power of women to develop life

*LATER – ladies seen as the field that males plow to create life. Ex) men seed the soil and women are nothing although receptacles to keep sperm (which are like small people) and are dominated.

Girl figures of Catal Huyuk

Found in shrine

Act of birthing

Girl of Pazardik

Head is weird condition

She's protected in designs

Clear vulva

Tell us that humans are getting to be more ritualized

Female physique from UR

Triangles by vagina

Diamond features (may be as a result of egg relation)

Symbolize snake as womanly before even though today we might see them as men due to penises Ex) medusa is poor, but snake healing excellent

Serpent seen as positive, female nurturing, intelligence, then the relationship becomes negative, cunning

Eye Goddesses

Enormous eyes (eyes in back of head see all)

Uncertain if positive or unfavorable

Female number of mergarh

Can see hard nips (clear features)

Prominent chest and hips

Found in India, this woman figure offers hair in large buns, large sides and breasts Notice the very clear features

Mohenjo-Daro Dancing Women

Dancing women in classic dancing positions

Tribal people


Present in Mohenjodaro, near to a fireplace in...


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