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The Professor Proposes

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This case is around a teacher who is all set to propose to his girlfriend after her hinting to him relationship on several separate events. First the professor made a decision that he was ready to propose next is that he wanted to spend between $2, 000 and $4, 000 on an engagement ring. The professor got no preceding diamond shopping experience which means this was new to him. He thought this would be a simple task and he would will leave your site and go to the next step inside the engagement process. Once the teacher stepped into his first store he was instantly confused. There was so many different bands of different different versions that he quickly started to be overwhelmed. The professor noticed that there would have to be study and more work put into the buying his girlfriend an engagement ring. In order for the professor to get the best ring to get the best price he needed to know more about the different types of jewelry. There were conditions that the mentor has never regarded before like " the four C's: Color, minimize, carat and clarity. ” Other things this individual realized he needed to consider was who have the band was certified by combined with type of shine and proportion. Taking every one of the characteristics and factors into account the mentor went off and performed his exploration. The professor felt even more knowledgeable about shopping for not just the engagement ring nevertheless the perfect diamond. After researching the different factors when it came to obtaining an engagement ring the professor required in all the info and got a quote for a ring that he sensed he associated with. His up coming concern that arose was what this individual should be purchasing that ring in order for him to not overpay. He concluded his exploration by doing further research on the diamond bulk suppliers.


As a typical man the professor takes on that the first step in his involvement was going to always be the easiest. Little did he know how very much went into purchasing the best involvement stone intended for his sweetheart. He quickly reazized simply how much research he needed to perform after starting the 1st jewelry store. The issue was him understanding the different charasterics just like: * Carat weight

* Lower

* Color

* Clearness

* Shine

* Symmetry

* Recognition

Next, the other issue was whether a quote the professor was handed was a great deal or certainly not.


When coming up with a big goal like buying expensive diamonds it is very smart to make sure to view a certification from labs just like Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gemological World (AGS), Western european Gemological Laboratories (EGL) and International Gemological Institute (IGI). There are various other small labs that can be found generally ran and located in earrings stores. The moment purchasing a gemstone it is very reliable to see a certification from a more substantial laboratory to ensure you are not receiving ripped off. It is important to get the most for your money. Even more significantly you want to be certain that you will be purchasing what you think you are, seeing that there are so many convenient ways that jewelers can trick you.

Help to make a wise decision on investing in a ring you should find an genuine jeweler. Once you have a jewelry expert that you can trust they will be happy to help you find whatever you are looking for and become honest about this. It is also smart to print sample certificates to get when you are shopping for diamonds to utilize a reference to decide if the license a jewelry expert gives you can be real. The primary lab reports that you should take a look at and consider when buying a diamond can be from GIA, AGS, EGL, and IGI. They are the the majority of reputable, dependable and educated labs that you ought to go by.

It is important to keep yourself informed that there are 3rd party jewelers trying to rip you off when shopping for a diamond. Diamonds are certainly not cheap and you don't need to purchase the one which you are not certain is what the jeweler says it is. When a diamond will not come with a research laboratory certificate not necessarily worth spending the money about for the danger...

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Michael Leff, under supervision of Greg Zarik (2009) Richard Ivey School of Business: The University of Western Ontario The Mentor Proposes. Ivey Publishing


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