The Effect of Formal Strategic Thinking about Firm Functionality and Work Satisfaction

 The Effect of Formal Proper Planning on Organization Performance and Job Pleasure Essay


Telekom Malaysia International (Bangladesh) Ltd. (TMIB), established in 1996, is known as a joint venture business between Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) and A. T. Khan & Co. Limited. It works under the manufacturer ‘AKTEL', which can be one of the major telecommunication service suppliers in Bangladesh. AKTEL became the 1st mobile agent to connect Teknaf and Tetulia, the northern and the southern area of most points of Bangladesh correspondingly. AKTEL was first to provide seamless coverage along the Dhaka-Chittagong motorway, and includes all sixty one allowable schisme of Bangladesh. It has much more than six million subscribers nationwide. AKTEL even offers the widest international running around service available in the market, connecting 440 operators across 185 countries. Despite most its successes, TMIB is far from achieving its company goal to become the leading answering service provider in Bangladesh. Within an organizational environment, strategic organizing plays a serious role to own desired objective. This research intends to review the effects of formal strategic considering company efficiency and task satisfaction in context of TMIB in Bangladesh. Quite a few studies have got focused on the impact of proper planning on performance in designed country. This kind of present examine differs from your previous research by doing the analysis in framework of an rising economy, Bangladesh. This research also investigates the effect of formal tactical planning on work satisfaction.

Statement of the issue

This kind of proposal hopes to investigate formal strategic preparing and its impact on company performance and task satisfaction in context of TMIB. The effect of formal strategic considering company efficiency and work satisfaction, mediated by business structure and environmental turbulence will be looked at in this analyze. Previous research (Robbins, 2003) conducted in USA shows the positive effect of strategic intending to job satisfaction. In context of Bangladesh no such studies were carried out within this topic. This inspired the researchers to conduct a research to explore the a result of formal ideal planning on task satisfaction in context of TMIB in Bangladesh. Formal strategic preparing also has an effect on company performance. Many studies (Covin, Slevin, and Schulz, 1994; Dess, 1987; Dess and Robinson, 1984, Golden, 1992; Hart and Banbury, 1994; Powell, 1992; Venkatraman, 1990; Venkatraman and Ramanujam, 1986; Verhage and Waarts, 1988) have demonstrated that formal ideal planning positively effects firm performance. The current study will also investigate the effect of formal strategic thinking about company overall performance in framework of TMIB in Bangladesh.

Purpose of the research

The objective of the study is always to present and test an auto dvd unit to identify formal strategic organizing and its influence on businesses. One of the reasons this study is interested on formal strategic organizing because it brings about important consequences such as firm performance and job pleasure. A review of twenty nine relevant studies by Greenley (1994) revealed that the majority reported data came from the USA. The frameworks and models that are made are not always applicable to developing or emerging countries (Koufopoulos, Lagoudis, and Pastra, 2005; Animosites, 1988). Greenley (1994) also notes that " even though the principles of strategic organizing should, naturally , have general application, there can be national variations in strategic preparing, country based mostly influences coming from business tradition, and impact on from several national trading conditions. ” This analyze therefore attempts to investigate the relationship between proper planning, organization performance, and job pleasure in a different environmental context, that of the developing transition economy of Bangladesh. Most of the previous researches only related performance to strategic planning. Glaister, Dincer, Tatoglu,...

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