The Danube Delta Tourism Strategies for Dealing with the States

 The Danube Delta Tourism Strategies for Coping with the States Essay

The Danube Delta travel

Strategies for handling the economic recession

Specialization Project simply by Andrei Beno 4sokf

submitted towards the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Administration in accordance with the needs for the Academy Career degree below supervision of: Anna HammershГёyNo. of personas: 43. 740| 14th Mar 2011

Desk of Articles

1 . Introduction3

2 . Trouble formulation4

a few. Methodology, limitations5

3. 1 Limitations5

3. 2 Methodology5

4. Actions Plan7

5. Funding8

6. PEST evaluation. 9





six. SWOT analysis11





8. Fresh market segment13

The Chinese tourist's profile14

" Danube – Wonder of nature” package14


A first step: Beijing travel Fair16

The market segment17


9. Seite an seite to the airline industry17

twelve. Conclusion19


1 . Advantages

The states has used the entire world abruptly for the last year or two, and all types of market had suffered with it. The tourism sector, which was constantly growing until the crisis commenced, was remarkably affected. In line with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO Barometer, January 2010), in 2008 there was over 922 million international tourist arrivals, with a regarding 1, 9% as compared to the prior year, 3 years ago. Then, 12 months after the problems hit, last season the foreign tourists landings fell to 880 mil, representing a world-wide decline of 4%, compared to 08. Europe was the most influenced, with a 6% decline. Portugal, who is regularly the world head in range of tourists landings, had seventy four. 2 million in 2009, in comparison to 80. on the lookout for million in 2007, ahead of the crisis. Spain also lost its second position ahead of the United States. The UNWTO reviews that started out with the crisis, some main changes can be seen in tourism trends (UNWTO barometer – apr update 2010). As noticed from above, the most used destinations like France, The country of spain, Italy, plus the United Kingdom will be constantly loosing tourists, which usually tend to focus on Asian countries, Eastern European claims or North America. For example , since the crisis started, Ukraine and Malaysia joined the top twelve visited countries. This means visitors are searching for new, cheaper alternatives, which offer a general better value for cash. As noticed from the above, the complete tourism sector was affected by the economic recession, but The european union suffered one of the most. In order for things improve, several actions need to be taken. The European Union is aware of the importance of travel in The european union, generating more than 5% of the GDP, and providing jobs for around twelve million persons. So the EU has increased its efforts to promote the travel and leisure growth of the member countries. On the nineteenth Nov, 2010, the vice president of the European commission intended for industry and tourism, Antonio Tajani provided the new action plan: " …To this end, the Commission payment today presents a cement action plan. The action plan consists of a clear plan for developing key activities such as the Western european Tourism Observatory, the Platform about Tourism and ICT and the European Quality Brand. ” At the same pr release, the commission released a framework to get the member countries " Europe, the world's No . 1 ...

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