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Yaw Frimpong, Ph. G. CIS 502 Theories of Security Supervision

September 1, 2014

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Yaw Frimpong, Ph level. D. CIS 502 Ideas of Security Management

Sept 1, 2014


Risk Assessment for Global Finance, Inc. Network.


Risk Assessment intended for Global Financing, Inc. Network.

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036300Week 10 Technical PaperRisk Assessment


Global Finance, Incorporation. (GFI) is a hypothetical company, which has cultivated rapidly in the last year. GFI has committed to its network and designed it to get fault tolerant and strong from any network failures. However , even though the company's economic status offers matured and its network has expanded for a rapid rate, its overall network protection posture have not kept up with the company progress. The dependable computing base (TCB) inner network within the Global Finance, Inc. Network Diagram hosts the company's objective critical systems that are essential to the industry’s operations that also impact the overall financial situation. The most vital application computers is the company is all their Oracle database and email system. GFI cannot afford system or network outages, as the cash flow and financial devices heavily depend on the network stability and availability. GFI has recently experienced multiple network attacks making total approximated loss in more than $1, 000, 000. Risk Examination Purpose

The objective of this risk assessment should be to evaluate the adequacy of the Global Finance, Incorporation. security and network. This kind of risk examination provides a organized qualitative analysis of the operational environment. It addresses tenderness, threats, weaknesses, risks and safeguards. The assessment recommends cost effective safeguards to mitigate threats and associated exploitable vulnerabilities. Safe guards are reliability features and controls that, when added to or as part of the information technology environment, mitigate the risk associated with the operation to controllable levels. An entire discussion of the vulnerabilities and recommended safety measures are found in this report. Risk Assessment Opportunity

The opportunity of this risk assessment assessed Global Financing, Inc. is actually use of resources and settings, implemented or perhaps planned, to get rid of and or deal with vulnerabilities exploitable by internal and external threats to the GFI system. This Risk Assessment Statement evaluates the confidentiality (protection from not authorized disclosure of system info and information), integrity (protection from poor modification of information), and availability (loss of system access) with the GFI system. Recommended security safeguards allows management to make decisions about protection related projects. If the safeguards recommended through this risk examination are not integrated and the GFI network can be exploited, these kinds of vulnerabilities could result in: Unauthorized disclosure of data and sensitive details

Unauthorized changes or devastation of the program, its data, or both Denial of service, entry to data, or both to authorized users who need access to this information on a recurrent basis. Lack of network balance and availability

Loss in reputation and customer assurance

System Environment

Global Finance, Inc. works on the highly resilient flat network architecture for its network facilities. A flat network is a computer system network design approach that aims to reduce cost, repair and operations. Flat networks are designed to reduce the number of routers and fuses on a laptop network by simply connecting the devices to a single swap instead of individual switches, or by using network hubs rather than switches to get in touch devices to each other. The topology of a flat network is definitely not segmented or segregated into diverse broadcast areas by using routers and switches CITATION Net12 \l 1033 (Network Computing, 2012). Remote dial up users...

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