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Project: Principles of Administration

The students are required to visit any one of the following: 1 ) A chain store.

2 . A great Industrial product.

3. A fast food outlet.

They are required to observe the application of the general Principles of supervision advocated simply by Fayol. Fayol's principles

1 ) Division of operate.

2 . Unity of command word.

3. Unanimity of course.

4. Scalar chain

your five. Espirit de corpse

six. Fair remuneration to all.

7. Order.

almost 8. Equity.

being unfaithful. Discipline

12. Subordination of individual curiosity to basic interest. eleven. Initiative.

doze. Centralisation and decentralisation.

13. Stability of tenure.

13. Authority and Responsibility


They may inquire into the putting on scientific administration techniques by simply F. Watts. Taylor in the unit stopped at. Scientific methods of management.

1 . Practical foremanship.

installment payments on your Standardisation and simplification of.

3. Approach study.

four. Motion Study.

5. Period Study.

6. Fatigue Research

7. Gear piece price plan.

The observations could be on the basis of

п‚•пЂ The different periods of trademark work bringing on specialisation. п‚•пЂ Following instructions and accountability of subordinates to higher authorities. п‚•пЂ Visibility of buy and value in the device.

п‚•пЂ Balance of authority and responsibility.

п‚•пЂ Communication levels and pattern inside the organisation.

п‚•пЂ Methods and techniques followed by the organisation for unity of direction and coordination between all.

п‚•пЂ Methods of income payments used.

п‚•пЂ The preparations of exhaustion study.

п‚•пЂ Derivation of time examine.

п‚•пЂ Derivation and advantages of method study.

п‚•пЂ Organisational chart of functional foremanship.

п‚•пЂ Any other identified inside the organisation

It is advised that students must be motivated to grab different areas of visit. The scholars may develop worksheets.

Examples; worksheets, questionnaire, selection interviews and organisational chart etc . Presentation and Submission of Project Survey...


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