Project With regards to Earthquake

 Project Relating to Earthquake Dissertation

Project with regards to Earthquakes

By simply –B. Versus. L. In. KIRAN KUMAR

M. South carolina

Teachers in speed, the global university, Ongole.

Project regarding Earthquakes


1 . Earthquakes-introduction (what? )

2 . Historical sights of Earthquakes

3. Causes for Earthquake (why? )

4. Earthquake prone areas in the World, India and Andhra Pradesh (where? )

* Significant earthquakes in and around India

* The Ten Largest Earthquakes since 1900 in the World

5. Major Earthquakes around the World, 2012

5. Calculating and tracking down of Earthquakes (How? )

6. Associated with Earthquakes(results)

2. Shaking and ground rupture

2. Landsides and avalanches

5. Fires

2. Soil liquefaction

* Tsunami

* Floods

2. Human impacts

7. Conjecture

8. To Do List

* Just before An Earthquake

* During An Earthquake

* After an Earthquake

9. Bibliography

An Earthquake (also called a quake,  tremor or temblor) is the reaction to a sudden launch of energy in the Earth's crust that creates seismic surf. Earthquakes will be one of the most damaging of normal hazards.

The seismic activity of an area refers to the frequency, type and scale earthquakes experienced over a period of time. 2 . Traditional views of earthquakes:

* Through the lifetime of the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras in the 5th century BCE to the 14th century VOTRE, earthquakes had been usually related to " surroundings (vapors) in the cavities in the Earth.

* " Thales of Miletus, who resided from 625–547 (BCE) was the only written about person who believed that earthquakes were brought on by tension between earth and water.

* Various other theories persisted, including the Greek philosopher Anaxamines' (585–526 BCE) beliefs that short tend episodes of dryness and wetness triggered seismic activity.

* The Greek philosopher Democritus (460–371 BCE) blamed water generally for earthquakes. Pliny the Elder called earthquakes " underground thunderstorms. " * In European history, the earliest recorded earthquake took place in 580 B. C. 2. Earthquakes had been recorded as early as 1177 N. C. in China. * Of course earthquakes have been an integral part of myth and legend considering that the dawn of man. In Greek Mythology, Posseidon (Neptune in the Roman pantheon) was " God from the Sea". But one of his powers was thought to be that of " globe shaker".

As a tsunami is often a result of an earthquake, this was a suitable power for the sea goodness.

* Aristotle was one among the first Europeans to create a theory about the foundation of Earthquakes. He thought that they were the result of heavy winds. Not much more study was concentrated in earthquakes until the mid-1700s when London was hit by a devastating spasm and a tsunami struck Lisbon, England shortly after. 5. John Mitchell in England and Elie Bertrand in Switzerland began a comprehensive study of the timing and severity of earthquakes. 5. Soon experts from many countries were exchanging findings and hypotheses on earthquakes. In the 1820's Chile started to be an area interesting to seismologists. After an earthquake generally there, it was pointed out that the elevation of the shoreline had improved. This was substantiated by the Captain of the H. M. H. Beagle, Robert Fitzroy. (The ship also carried Charles Darwin who was studying the flora and fauna from the coast. )

* Inside the 1850s Robert Mallet, figured out a quick way to measure the velocity of seismic waves.

2. Meanwhile, in Italy, Luigi Palmieri created an electromagnetic seismograph, one of which has been installed near Mount Vesuvius and one more at the University of Naples. These seismographs were the initial seismic devices capable of routinely discovering earthquakes sordo to humans. Electromagnetic seismograph

* In 1872 a U. S. science tecnistions named Grove Gilbert worked out that earthquakes usually center around a problem line. * It was...


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