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Activity 1


The parents of Anjum a little girl who is a new comer to your placing moved to Britain only three months ago You have the first setting they may have used for 18 month old Anjum They have very little understanding of the laws covering home based childcare or maybe the role in the regulatory human body

Consider 4 items of legislation which might be important for home-based child carers and how you should outline these kinds of to Anjum's parents. How would you go about outlining the 4 distinct roles with the regulatory body system to Ajum's parents.

I've outlined four pieces of legislations that i consider are important by based childminders that i would bring to Ajum's parents

Childcare act 06\

This is an act to create provision regarding the forces and tasks of private sector organisations in relation to the well being of young children. This is very important to home structured child carers as it introduced a number of adjustments including the following a Early Years Basis Stages

•Ofsted registers

•Children centres and extended schools

•Duty upon local authorities to ensure sufficient daycare information

•Free early years 3 and some year old money

Children act 2005

The creation of the children scat was the very first time that a uk law has acknowledge that children experienced rights. This places responsibility on home based child carers to help a child meet the following priority effects

End up being healthy

Stay safe

Enjoy and achieve

Make a positive contribution

Attain economic well-being

Equal rights act 2010

This act brought together all prior acts relating to equal possibilities. It makes sure that different categories of people are cured fairly

women and men

people of different races

people with diverse religions and beliefs

disabled people

•lesbian, gay and bisexual and straight people

As a home based kid carer we are required to anticipate the needs of the households in my attention and make reasonable modifications to ensure...


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