System Honesty and Acceptance

 System Honesty and Acceptance Essay

Working head: System Integrity and Validation

System Integrity and Validation

Aaron Stewart

University of Phoenix

Accounting Information Systems



Yasin Dadabhoy

Sept. 2010 19, 2011

Preface Kudler Better Foods provides a very strong accounting information program in place nevertheless there is room for improvement. Kudler's provides taken things in the appropriate direction by implementing a market specific program. Computer technology only makes auditing Kudler Finer Foods much easier and more correct. Computer aided auditing tools and tactics CAATs is extremely recommend for Kudler better Foods. To be able to share info with consumers and auditor's is one of the selling points. The key selling point of using CAATs is that just about every avenue of Kudler's accounting information system will be analyzed and will assure Kudler Greater Foods that their system integrity is intacted as well as the validation from the system. In the brief to adhere to will describe why using computer technology and CAATs the actual best organization sense.

System Integrity and Validation

Kudler Better Foods is at a the accounting firm in search of recommendations about the companies, laptop information system, automated technique of their accounting information system, data desk analysis, internal control and risk evaluation, and a great audit pitch. Kudler's new visit was warranted by simply concerns of the company's program integrity and validation. Kudler Finer Foods has an good rapport with the accounting company. The accounting firm is going to inform Kudler on the chosen auditing techniques the accounting firm will use to confirm data, and the system integrity. The company will provide evidence of the functions of the review productivity computer software, followed by evidence of the uses in the devices design.

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