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SWOT Analysis The Arab Schools for Science and Technology Dr . Amal Asfour

Hussein Mowafak Hussein Sadek

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About The Arabic Academy intended for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport The Arab Academy to get Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) establishing because institution to get maritime transfer on eleventh of Mar, 1970. The Arab League's Council entrusted the Arab Republic of Egypt, for all the Arab countries, to request a technological aid from the United Nations' organizations centered on the field of ocean going transport. Right at the end of 1971, the United Nations delegated a joint committee of it is concerned companies to study the region's need for this job. It pointed out the necessity of starting a local institute pertaining to maritime training and also of providing satisfactory aid because of it. Moreover, after visiting lots of the region's countries, the panel chose the city of Alexandria, reputed for its great cultural heritage, as a location because of its essential geographical location, which can be in the middle of the complete Arab region, as well as the great quantity of the competent personnel available. The AASTMT started its activity within a temporary location in Alexandria on 28th of February, 1972. Indeed, the Arabic Republic of Egypt offers fulfilled their obligation in conformity together with the eighth item in the project's document that specifies the governments' efforts. Egypt supplied the following: 1- The 140-acre land in Abu-Kir, Alexandria, as the AASTMT's initially location. 2- The furniture, supplies and training equipment which are not offered by the Un Development Software. 3- The sailing motorboats, life motorboats and roll-outs for schooling on the make use of radars. 4- The training ship " Aida 3", when needed.

5- The special items for travel like vehicles for students and staff members. In1974 in the Arab League premises, the Arabic countries' staff signed the agreement of establishing the Arab Academy intended for Maritime Transfer, an agreement which will specifies the participant Arabic countries commitments for the project. In 1992, the AASTMT was granted the most modern training ship, " Aida 4", this achievement on the part of the AASTMT offers contributed to the ARE's achievement in the field of assisting maritime education and schooling. In 1994 the AASTMT expands in the fields of engineering and management sprouting from its idea in offering good educational services according to its strong points as well as its Arab and international standing in loyalty. In 1995 the AASTMT was honored the most contemporary simulator on the globe from the UNITED STATES administration. At this point, the AASTMT has become capable of occupying an eminent position for the international level and of exceeding regional course to intercontinental ones as a result of owning the best training vessel, the most modern day simulator moreover to offering a number of scholarships that have surpass 120, 1000 scholarships at that time for students from 58 countries In addition , in October mil novecentos e noventa e seis, after enduring all the issues and struggling with all the challenges, and after having such secure position inside the fields of engineering and business research and technology, it has become critical that the AASTMT invest its achievement in regards to maritime transport to modify the title coming from: " The Arab Senior high for Scientific research and Technology: A university specialized in maritime transport. " to " The Arab Academy intended for Science, Technology and Ocean going Transport" (AASTMT). Vision and Mission


To be one of the main, specialized and effective organizations in the Middle East area inside the fields of education, teaching and consulting. Mission



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