Management Assignment Ryanair

 Management Project Ryanair Composition

Business Management (BM291)


Date: 30/11/09

Stand of Articles


Q1. Manager Profile & Work Description3


Key Accountabilities: 3

Managing Roles4

Conference challenges4


Summary of experience & educational attainment5

Organisational Chart6

Q2. Evaluations against Fayol's key managerial roles7

Q3. Future problems of the Ryanair Director of Operations10 Q4. Effectiveness of the Manager11



SWOT matrix intended for Ryanair Movie director of Operations17

PESTEL intended for the Norwegian air Director of Operations19

Competing Values Style (Quinn et al)21



We have picked a mature manager in Ryanair for our project because one of our team users is a immediate employee in the Operations Supervisor in Whizz air. Ryanair is likewise one of the most controversial and interesting Irish businesses working in the international environment. It is a company that plainly struggles with employee associations despite the undoubted leadership of the Euro airline sector.

Q1. Manager Account & Job Description

Term: Mr. David O' Brien, MBA Proper Management, BA Business Supervision

Position: Representative of Western Operations, Ryanair


For this assignment the objective was to interview a director and develop strong quarrels for or perhaps against their perception of French managing theorist Henri Fayol's " 14 guidelines of management”. To ensure successful use of the manager's period we created a set of questions based on Fayol's 14 guidelines and during the interview our subject was asked to offer an honest view of each, and determine their effectiveness in today's business world.

Essential Accountabilities:

•Direct operations about Ryanair's thirty seven bases and 950 low fare ways across 26 countries. •Coordinate the daily movements of over 2 hundred of Ryanair's aircraft in the grass and in the skies throughout Europe. •Plan and develop operational ways of realise predefined company desired goals. •Organise and determine ideal staff amounts, schedules, and resources. •Lead and motivate a staff of managers in gratifying the objectives of the operations department. •Promote clear communication and resolve conflicts whenever they develop. •Manage " Punctually Performance” projects and implement strategies to take care of the airline's total operational efficiency. •Ensure the operation lines up to internal and external policies, rules and regulations. •Manage section budget.

Administration Roles

Via analysis of Henry Mintzberg's ten management roles we could summarise Mister O'Brien's roles are as follows:



(Interpersonal)Senior supervision roles such as Strategy ingredients, directing and influencing, determination of subordinates Disturbance Handler (Decisional)Manage significant conflict

Resource allocator

(Decisional)Manage operational spending budget, people and other assets

Appointment challenges

In order to meet such a huge logistical challenge Mr O'Brien firmly believes in employing " the one greatest person intended for the job”, as a result every single of his subordinates possess some of the highest qualifications in the aviation industry. Mr O'Brien reserves overall authority above his department and thinks that clear effective conversation is crucial to achieving fully operational effectiveness.

Credit reporting

•Mr O'Brien reports weekly to the CEO along with the rest of the top-level managers in the company. They discuss company strategy and build policies which usually directly affect the complete organisation. •Further down the scalar chain of command central managers post daily studies containing detailed Key Overall performance Indicators depending on the previous day's activity. This can help produce a crystal clear picture from the overall standard of efficiency and productivity. •A crucial component of these reviews is on-time performance. When a flight will not depart/arrive on time a follow up investigation...

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