Summertime Training Information Line

 Essay about Summer Schooling Guide Range

Formatting of Summer time Training Job for MBA II Session Students

1 . Front Webpage or Title page1 Site

2 . Accreditation –two (One by the Company and a single by the college) 3. Preface1 Page

some. Acknowledgement1 Web page

5. Set of Contents( with page numbers)1 Page

six. List of Tables1 Page

several. List of Graphs1 Page

almost 8. List of Abbreviation1 page

on the lookout for. Executive Summary/ Abstract of the Report2 web page

10. Intro 5 Web pages

a) General profile of the firm (history, marketers, type of company, formation, buyers, core organization, performance, upcoming plans etc) b) Significant Mile Stones (Historical Facts)

c) Records and Honours

d) Products/ Services

e) Customers and Competitors (market share)

f) Organizational Framework

g) Monetary Analysis ( in short)

i. Proportion Analyses

2. Trend and Percentage Analyses

11. Need of analyze or Exploration Problem2 Pages

a) Symptoms of challenges (decline in sales, client complaints, product failure, division channel incompatibility, bottlenecks in production method, operations malfunction, strikes, worker turnover, low productivity of employees, new market possibilities, new technology, availability of funds, experienced labor etc . Problems can by any kind of or the dimensions of management; analysis needs to be data supported) b) Factors of the Complications

12. Aim of the Study1 Page

13. Hypothesis from the study (Optional) 1 Page

14. Exploration Methodology2 Webpages

a) Data needed

b) Sources of info

c) Tools of data collection/ Questionnaire utilized (if any) i. Set of questions construction, stability of set of questions. d) Equipment used in the study

It should be tightly related to the topic/area, hypothesis assessment, 15. Data presentation and Analysis20 Web pages

a) Stand form

b) Graphical

c) Statistical analysis of data.

16. Findings of the study5Page

17. Suggestions and Recommendations5Page

18. Bibliography2Page

nineteen. Appendix2 Site

a) Duplicate of Set of questions

b) Different relevant info which is not stated in the text but it is very important for the study.


• Font size for main text message is 12 and for subject 14/16 & Gap among two lines is 1 . 5 • All the items of the tasks should be in same typeface (Times new Roman). • Page numbers must be designated and list of contents must specify the page amounts. • There should be minimum fifty-five pages & maximum sixty pages • Quotations and citations ought to be acknowledged effectively. • Plagiarism is offense and the guide and the student are equally accountable for the any kind of violation. For checking stealing articles online pursuing links can be used:

File format of License from the Company


This is to certify that Mister. /Ms --------------------------------------------student of MBA III Term in our commence has effectively completed his or her summer training project entitled " -----------------------------------------------------------------" for the partial satisfaction of the Expert of Organization Administration degree.

(Name of the Director) (Name of Project Guide)

Mind of the Division /Director Job Guide

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