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Free Fall Speed

1 . Aunt Minnie gives you $10 per second for four seconds. How much cash do you have after 4 just a few seconds?


2 . A ball dropped by rest sees speed by 10 m per second. After it falls for 5 seconds, just how fast is it going?

forty five m/s

3. You have 20 dollars, and Granddad Harry will give you $10 each second pertaining to 3 seconds. How much money do you have after 3 seconds?


4. A ball can be thrown all the way down with a basic speed of 20 m/s. After a few seconds, just how fast could it be going?

50 m/s


5. You have $50 and you pay Great aunt Minnie $10/second. When can your money be depleted?

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6. You shoot a great arrow upright at 50 m/s. When ever will it run out of speed?


several. So what will be the arrow's velocity 5 seconds after you capture it?

0 m/s

eight. What will the speed become 6 seconds after you take it? several seconds?

10 m/s; twenty m/s

Free Fall Range

1 . Acceleration is one thing; distance one other. Where may be the arrow you shoot up at 50 m/s when it operates out of speed?

a hundred and twenty-five m

2 . How high will the arrow be several seconds following being shot up at 55 m/s?

one zero five m

several. a. Great aunt Minnie drops a penny in a wishing well and and it fall in love with 3 mere seconds before hitting the water. Just how fast is it going in order to hits?

40 m/s

12-15 m/s

m. What is the penny's typical speed during its 3-second drop?

45 m

c. How far down is the drinking water surface?

four. Aunt Minnie didn't obtain her wish, so she goes to a deeper wishing well and throws anything straight down with it at 10 m/s. How far does this penny go in a few seconds?

seventy five m


Chapter 4

Thready Motion


Straight Up and Down

The sketch is similar to Figure 4. 9 inside the textbook.

Presume negligible surroundings resistance and g = 10 m/s2.

• Stand 1 reveals the velocity info of the figure for to = 0 to capital t = almost eight seconds. Total the table.

Distances visited are in the starting point (the...


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