Plagiarism Composition

Project Report: ECO422

Stealing subjects: Study of IIT



The essence the job is to send out a message for the student community that plagiarism in any contact form is not only underhanded but likewise leads to fall in the reputation of the concerned university and the person included, no matter if the act was intentional and even unintentional.

The campus, like any other campus is not really free of this plaque. Almost every year, we have a case of plagiarism that catches focus from authorities at several levels and often media as well. Other than that, plagiarism involving duplicating someone else's work in the form of assignments, lab reports, term papers, etc . which might certainly not seem a major issue in first place, but then this is also a form of stealing articles, because in the long run its like claiming somebody else's work as your own.

One important point here is that almost every college student be it a UG scholar or a PG student can be well aware that copying or perhaps cheating can be unethical and bad, though they may not be aware of this word: " plagiarism”. That said, they know what they can be doing is wrong nevertheless they don't know the gravity of their faults and consequences that they may encounter if a strict action according to rules can be taken after them. Almost all they do is a simple cost-benefit analysis, where in almost every case; the main benefit seems to overweigh the cost.

Additional trouble that a short term solution is usually tough is that the size of pupil population inside the campus is usually continuously increasing and unfortunately the population of college members is usually not increasing at the same pace. Consequently, the student is to teacher ratio can be increasing at a very high charge. This postures a lot of problems and among them, one big problem is: since a professor are unable to check every one of the assignments or perhaps term papers with excessive scrutiny as well as return the corrected solution scripts as quickly as possible it becomes extremely tough intended for him to catch someone involved in cheating or stealing articles for that matter. College students are well aware about this fact and what they conclude away of this is the fact since the expected cost of being caught is very less, while the benefit can be huge, obtain go ahead, duplicate and be a cheater, and enjoy while using spare time still left. Now, of course this is a callous frame of mind from the students' side, nevertheless that's how things stand even in one of the most leading institutes of this country.

Well, this might certainly not seem a major trouble at first sight and lots of see it as a trivial issue with simple solutions like end of contract of the worried parties linked to plagiarism or perhaps use of application to keep the on these kinds of practices. However as of now, this sort of measures never have been considered since it is definitely believed that such activities will catch undue mass media attention and bring a shame to the institute. Nevertheless, instructors use simple punishments like providing less markings or totally ignoring the fact that the work might have been replicated. Now, this may not have immediate consequences nevertheless they certainly have an effect on in the long run, such as, students

who think of deciding on higher studies might accidentally and unconsciously indulge in plagiarism activities thinking that as they came out of their UG studies they will similarly turn out here too. But matters get worse after they submit their paper for syndication and later the first authors or perhaps publications come to know with the unethical techniques that the scholar followed.

Since the famous quote rightly says: " becoming forewarned has been forearmed”, the authorities should get strict in their attitude to such methods. Rules will be of course in place but they shortage implementation. If we really want to observe our company in competition with the educational institutions of western world, then techniques like plagiarism must be kept to a tight check and rules need to be the same for young students and teachers alike.

With the above factors in mind as well as the sensitivity and utmost importance of the issue, we all decided to take this project to bring to lumination various facets of plagiarism...

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