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 Sia Example Essay

Miss. Kai-Hsin Cheng,

IBM4811 Foreign Strategy Managing

Singapore International Airlines

Situation Analysis

Singapore Worldwide Airlines may be the largest leading airline assistance in Singapore. It has a competitive advantage and differentiation over its competitors. The purpose of the SIA can be placing a concern on top quality service to satisfy customers.

In the case, SIA offers the finest in-flight service to their customers through many areas. Moreover, each uses differentiation approach and solid recruiting and training technique to improve their aircarrier service in order to compete with their very own competitors. Even more analyze will probably be discussed in the following five forces research and SWOT.

Five Pushes Analysis of Airline Support Industry

Competition from Set up Rivals: High

There are many existed rivals in the flight service sector, both home and foreign. SIA's key domestic competition are Air Asia, The japanese Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, QANTAS, Lufthansa and also other American and European Airlines. These are the competitors which might be trying to contend in the airline service sector market in South and Southeast Asia.

Competition via New Traders: Low

New traders have issues in coming into the flight service sector, because the new firms will need to have heavy investment in investing in lands to get airport, obtaining aircraft and recruiting people. In addition, it is hard achievable entrants to compete with additional leading airline service company, since there are already a lot of competitors in the airline support industry.

Competition from Substitutes: High

There are many different airline assistance companies inside the airline sector. Therefore , the substitutes are incredibly high. Clients tend to go for different air travel services as a result of price competition between every Airline providers. The lower value the company offers the higher consumer will switch into their companies.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Substantial

Supplier power is very high in aircarrier industry. When the fuel selling price increase then your airline assistance industry does not have choice. Therefore they have to boost the fuel surcharge for seats in order to harmony the cost too.

Bargaining Benefits of Buyers: Large

The shopping for power intended for customer is rich in airline support industry. There are plenty of hundred of Airline companies in Asia for customers to pick.

TABLE you: SWOT Analysis of Singapore International Airlines

|STRENGTHS |WEAKNESS | |Good Reputation |Not be able to success in Surroundings New Zealand. | |Excellent in flight Support |SARS break out. | |Encourage employee motivation and worker productivity. |Hard to establish prevalent safety, services, and performance common. | |Good recruitment strategy and working out for young plane and vacation cabin | | |crew. | | |OPPORTUNITIES |THREATS | |Decrease regulating barriers may help increase airline's demand. |Compete with the affordable airlines | |Open-skies contracts. |SARS and Iraq Conflict leads to substantial lay away workers. | |The outbreak of SARS can be a great opportunity to expand airline |Global economic weak point. | |service to additional region....

Bibliography: Kannan, L. (2004). Singapore international air carriers: Preparing for turbulence ahead. Thunderbird School of Global Management, 1-13.


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