Shanghai in china Sydney

 Shanghai Sydney Essay

Compare and Contrast

Shanghai and Sydney


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CLASS: EFS Lower 15

TEACHERS: Juliana, Lance, Carol, Jill

TIME: Thursday Week4 9/April/2009

Shanghai in china is a town full of numerous cultures, scenery and record. As we evaluate both Shanghai in china and Sydney I will compare the similarities and the distinctions of each city such as: The location and human population, transport devices, shopping along with entertainment and leisure and public structures.

Area and population

The first major between Shanghai and Sydney is in their very own area and population. Both equally cities take the coastline, and Shanghai is around 6340. 5 square kilometres, whereas Sydney is around 12145 square kilometres. As well, the population of Shanghai is estimated to get about 18. 74 million, with a floating population of approximately 4 million. However , Sydney has about 4. 4 million occupants highlighting the between Shanghai in china and Sydney's population densities.

Transport systems

No matter what the town, the transfer systems are very important. Equally cities possess extensive community transport devices, largely based upon buses, ferries, taxis and railways. In Shanghai, many of these public travel systems could be accessed using the Shanghai Public Transportation Card, whereas Sydney, all these public travel systems want different seat tickets. In Sydney, at the same time, many families make use of theirs very own private cars. This also formed section of the transport devices. On the other hand, Shanghai in china has a business maglev collection, the 1st and only one out of the world, and so fewer cars are used.


Shopping is another important element of daily life in both Sydney and Shanghai, in both cities buying is exciting and fun, and a clear difference on the other hand is the range found in a large number of commercial roads in...


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