Assessment Questions Phase 13 Biology

 Review Queries Chapter 13 Biology Article

Section 1

1 . Specify mutualism and commensalism.

Mutualism- Both are benefited

Commensalism- 1 benefits the other won't care.

2 . Give instances of mutualism.

Oxpeckers (a sort of bird) and Zebras, the Oxpecker picks ticks and parasites off of the Zebra. The oxpecker gets food plus the Zebra gets pest control. 3. Clarify why many parasites usually do not kill their particular host. What makes it in their individual best interest to hold their host alive?

When a parasite gets rid of its host the parasite will most likely pass away too

Section 2

1 . Define animal behavior.

Creature behavior is just how animals connect to each other and their environment installment payments on your What is the nature-nurture controversy?

Nature patterns determined by genetics

Nurture tendencies determined by previous experiences

three or more. What is kin selection?

Family member selection is definitely natural section affected by family genes passed on to offspring 5. How do behaviors become prevalent?

Behaviors become common when repeated and passed on

Section 3

1 ) What is learning?

Experiences that change or alter patterns over time happen to be learned installment payments on your Name three types of learning in animals.

Rodents, Monkeys, Cats

3. Compare instinct and learning.


в—Џ Inherited genes

в—Џ Won't be able to control it

в—Џ Cannot change it


в—Џ Has to be taught

в—Џ Can be controlled

в—Џ Can transform

Section 5

1 . What are innate behaviors? Give a good example.

Innate actions are determined by your genes.

в†’ Kitty using litter box, babies nursing jobs

2 . What would happen to the individual who inadequately performs inborn behaviors? May well not survive

3. What is a great instinct?

A great instinct is definitely the ability of your animal to execute a patterns the first time it is exposed to the appropriate stimulus.

Section 5

1 ) Explain how come communication is important for social living. Conversation is needed to get understanding and working together pertaining to survival (sound, scents, makings, body language)

2 . Describe communication in ants.

a few. What is out and out aggression?

Showing others to fall back or stop in in an attempt to protect exactly what is yours 4....


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