Reflections of Selection in the Mass media

 Reflections of Diversity in the Media Article

Week several Assignment

Reflections about Diversity inside the Media

Jordan N. Manneh

ORG 6499

Dr . Jeannine Klein

September 19, 2011


The media typically misrepresents a person, a woman, a place, or perhaps an idea, will not so devoid of hesitation. There are numerous methods and mediums the media uses to reach the great majority of the world. Whether it be by usage of print, just like newspapers or perhaps magazines, or perhaps by broadcast, by means of television, radio and the internet, the media is a method of presenting data to suit the purpose, whatever that may be. Using a series of images and words of and about Latinos/Hispanics which were collected from the web and newspaper publishers, this composition will strive to reflect on good and unfavorable connotations of the images and words.

Glare on Diversity in the Mass media

What is the media? Is it more than each of our eyes and ears to the world? Is the media more than words and images on a display screen meant to offer information? There are many definitions of what the mass media is and what purpose it acts. Regardless of these kinds of definitions, the fact remains the media shapes the world. They have the capability to push the world in whatever direction it and so desires. The media has become a numbers game, driven by ratings and demographics, aiming to provide data of a surprise value-centered subject matter, which will bring more audiences. As such, a tale of a visual or tragic nature could gain more viewers than one of a soft-hearted or positive, humane-centered story. Given these details, it is a rarity to find a lead story that carries a positive vibe. These stories usually are given short segments, generally no more than two to three minutes of spot-light period. The media often misrepresents a person, a people, a location, or an idea, and does thus without reluctance. There are many strategies and means the media uses to achieve the great majority worldwide. Whether it is simply by use of produce, such as magazines or journals, or by broadcast, through television, the airwaves and the net, the media has a way of presenting information to fit its purpose, whatever that may be. " In the print multimedia 90 percent of all universe news originates from just a couple of powerful American sources. 3 agencies, Affiliated Press, Reuters news agency and Comptoir France Tvinge dominate our foreign news. One is American, one is United kingdom and the other is The french language. Reuters and AP at this point make most of their enormous profits offering financial and company information. Today their newsrooms are centers of the free market crusade. AP gets most of its funding from American clients and dedicates most of the coverage towards the United States. ” (Pilger 1996) Given all this information, it can be no wonder that the media provides difficulty in it is representation of diversity, as many times different cultural backgrounds are grossly misrepresented or purposely depicted. One ethnic group that has endured at the hands of the media is the Latino/Hispanic community. Using a number of images and words which were collected from the web and magazines, this dissertation will strive to reflect on the positive and adverse connotations of such images and words. Latinos have generally been negatively stereotyped in the media because poor, uneducated, lazy, and violent. One other popular representation of Latinos is that they have got poor language skills, and that they are gang associates, teen moms, illegal migrants, drug dealers and traffickers, and prevalent criminals. In terms of stereotyping Latinos, the mass media tends to convert everything negatively. Comfortable sexuality is labeled as prostitution; creating a lot of kids is linked to being destitute and acting assertive can be considered ‘macho'.  I would say, however , that without a doubt, the most overwhelming Latino representation inside the media relates to immigration. With states including Arizona and Georgia building immigration regulations and (a) Latino Profiling Law(s) (specifically in Arizona), there has been a dramatic increase in...

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