Quality of Work Existence in Medical care

 Quality of Work Life in Health Care Essay



Jyoti Kumari- 121116

Kanth Reddy- 121216

Suryadevara Pramoda- 121157

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Jyoti Kumari- 121116

Kanth Reddy- 121216

Suryadevara Pramoda- 121157

Jefia Ann James- 121315

Hanumantha Rao- 121409



2 . Objectives of Work-Life Quality1

3. Aspects of quality of life1

5. Work-Life Quality- In Healthcare1

6. Need for quality of life in healthcare1

7. Factors triggering dissatisfaction1

eight. Results of dissatisfaction1

9. Measures to overcome the dissatisfaction1

12. Research study1

Quality of life between primary medical nurses in the Jazan location, Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional study1




10. Conclusion1

doze. References1

Top quality of Work Your life in Health-related


Quality of life

Top quality work Life is any conscious effort to get improving functioning conditions, function content, and safety, protection, wages and benefits, etc . It can be said to be all the first inputs which in turn aim at enhancing the employees' satisfaction and enhancing organizational effectiveness. It is just a concern not only to improve life at work, yet also life outside operate. It is simply having a work environment where a great employee's actions become more important. This means putting into action procedures or policies that will make the work less routine and more rewarding to get the employee. These procedures or policies consist of autonomy, identification, belongingness, expansion and exterior rewards. Quality of work existence can be defined as the surroundings at the work place provided to individuals on the job. QWL programs may be the another sizing in which companies has the responsibility to provide good-natured environment we. e. superb working conditions where persons can perform superb work as well their well being as well as financial health in the organization is additionally met. The caliber of personal a lot more always reflected in specialist life and vice versa. Now a day to retain employees in the corporation providing healthful QWL is the key factor. In earlier times QWL means simply job enrichment. In addition to improving the job system, QWL programs generally emphasize upon development of employee skills, the reduction of occupational tension and the progress more co-operative labor-management relations. В

Through quality function life the folks involved get a sense of satisfaction within their work. Work then turns into not a burden but a way by which the talents of a person can find expression. Quality job life is only humanizing the task. Quality function life is corresponding to the final amount of physical (working conditions), psychological and economic factors which affect the job.

2 . Objectives of Work-Life Top quality

* To further improve standard of living from the people.

2. To improve the productivity.

* To create a positive attitude in the minds of employees. * To boost effectiveness from the organization- success, goal, accomplishment etc . a few. Components of quality of work existence

Free sales and marketing communications – open up communication inside the organization with the co- staff is the essential factor that ensures high quality of work life. It brings about more of relaxed communication among co-workers and subordinates throughout the rest hours of the organization. В

Prize system – reward relates to monetary or nonmonetary benefits eg- bonuses, movie tickets, and family members health insurance, selling the education of kids etc . almost any reward provided to the employee promotes good quality of work life. В

Employee work security - job security is the one vital aspect to get maximum output from the employee, the employee should feel secured regarding the work.

Career expansion – the organization should provide career development to the staff i. at the. promotion, power with responsibility, hike in the...

References: en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Quality_of_working_life





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