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Public Administration

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Recent exploration on the importance the function of values plays in public places administration (Starling, 2008, pg. 157) Great of Management Responsibility: Half a dozen Subsections Responsiveness Fairness Overall flexibility Honesty Answerability Competence Starling, 2008, pg. 442-597

Starling, 2008, pg. 206 Preparing types and models: Realistic Planning Version Logical Incrementalism Urban and Regional Planning Contingency Ideas Crisis Managing Planning Policy: a statement of goals and of the relative importance attached to each. a plan has specific targets to be gained.

a plan is actually a proposed set of specific actions intended to help implement an idea Starling, 08, pg. 239

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Six Analytical Techniques to Making decisions Cost-Benefit Research Multiobjective Versions Decision Research System Analysis Group Decision-Making Techniques Organizing becomes the grouping of activities necessary to attain a program's targets Starling 08, pg. 325

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Public Supervision

1В Woodrow Wilson 1887

1 ) 1В Wilsonian point of view (management)

2В Max Weber 1922

installment payments on your 1В A German sociologist who a deep influence for the course of American public government and who had been the first to determine fully the bureaucratic form of organization. | 3В Sanford Borins

3. 1В New Public Management (NPM)

several. 1 . 1В Post-New Public Management

3. 1 ) 2В 5 essential ideas for increasing public administration

4В James Madison 1787

5. 1В Madisonian point of view (legal)

5В Franklin Roosevelt 1940

5. 1В Rooseveltian perspective (political)

6В Principal-Agent Theory

6. 1В An economic version depicting a principal (contractor) and agent (contractee) relationship| 7В Henri Fayol 1916

several. 1В 5 key...


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