Psych Semester Study Guide

 Psych Term Study Guideline Essay

Industrial Organizational Psychology 301

Midterm Study Guidebook: Spring 2013

Professor Stanard


Part 1

What is Industrial Company (I/O) mindset? Define that.

" The usage of psychological concepts, theory and research in the work setting”

-principles: opinions, being included

-" job setting”? -- more than just function setting

-family: home, illnesses, stress

-culture: ethics, how you take some thing

-legislation: similar employment prospect

-events: 9/11, disasters

Precisely what is SIOP?

Culture for Commercial Organizational Mindset. Accepts pupil members and provide information on: 2. JobNet. Attaches employers to job people * Great I/O and SIOP

2. Quarterly e-newsletter, TIP

In I/O psychology what do we all mean once we say, " Science Medical specialist Model? ”

Science Specialist Model- A model that uses scientific equipment and exploration in practice of I-O Psychology. a. Exploration used to resolve problems

b. Clear connection on among research and practice c. Application of clinical knowledge

What is " time and motion analyze? ”

Studies that out of cash every actions down into the constituents parts, timed these movements with a stopwatch, and developed new and more successful movements that might reduce exhaustion and boost productivity.

What is meant by the term " Clinical Management? ”

-1915 - 1920: The era of " Medical Management” -- based on time and motion studies findings successful movements to minimize fatigue and increase productivity”

ie. how long does it take you to do a specific movement, work, etc

Precisely what is meant by term " Human Associations Movement? ”

The effects of the Hawthorne Studies brought in this motion, which focused on work attitudes and newly discovered mental world of the work

What did name VII from the Civil Legal rights Act of 1964 outlaw?

1964 Civil Rights Act: federal legal guidelines that prohibits employee elegance on the basis on race, color, religious beliefs, sex and national beginning. (Intentional)

What did the Army First and Military Beta evaluation measure and then for what purpose? Be sure to identify each test.

1915 -- 1917: Army Alpha (test) - an adaptation from the Stanford Binet (tests to categorize people superior, normal, insufficient, etc) used in WW1 to test 1 million employees (reasoning - verbal, mental)

Army Beta ( nonverbal reasoning/intelligence) -- for illiterate (in english) [immigrants with highlights or didn't want to read or perhaps write] use symptoms

Describe the Hawthorn Studies. Note: The studies not the effect. 5. Research completed at Hawthorne, Illinois, flower of the European Electric Company that began while attempts to enhance productivity simply by manipulating light, rest fractures, and function hours. This kind of research showed the important position that workers' attitudes enjoyed in productivity.

What is the Hawthorn Effect? The effect not the studies.

Hawthorne Result: the enhancements made on behavior which will result from researchers/employers paying attention to personnel

The Hawthorn studies uncovered what several things? (ofcourse not in book)

1 . Casual workgroups (people working together, yet nobody assign them) 1 ) Importance of employee attitudes

2 . The importance of sympathetic manager (care, listen to needs, spend attention) a few. The need to treat workers as people rather than human capital

Name the six prevalent areas of concentration for commercial psychology. 1 ) Selection + placement...


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