PETRA's cosmetics:

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Service in the military is known as a tradition of Bayaua relatives

who's residing at Tuguegarao City, and the whole

province of Cagayan is very proud of their family members clan.

Pedro's great grandpa Sergio Bayaua served to

General Emilio Aguinaldo throughout the Spanish Period and includes a

rank of major expert, while his grandfather Donato Bayaua

dished up as official in Philippine Army during American Plan

and Japanese Era fantastic father Fernando, also started to be an

military services officer and retired as colonel. His father together with his great grandfather and grand daddy received a medal granted

because of their bravery. Their friends and neighbors regard these people as a function model for children.

And recently, the Bayaua family's pride was

picked when ever Fernando learned that his young

son Pedro was displaying unmanly tendencies. And later

about Fernando saw Pedro applying make up in the

face. Pedro's father started to be Fernando angry on him

at that time, the later on Fernando also found away that

his son viewed special desire for cosmetics,

Fernando's classmate in high school Miss Rosario

Mariano told to him that his boy was able to persuade

her to obtain cosmetics inside the amount of P12, 500. 00. It

also turned out later that Pedro was also in a position to

convince eight ladies to buy from him.

With Pedro desire for selling, he chose to

join business training course. He tried to support him self

by selling makeup products. This he did instead of applying

to get the cadetship course in the Philippine Military

Academy the alma mater of his dad. Fernando was

disappointed enough to think his son will not be

successful in anything that he really does.

When Pedro graduates from

college this individual thought of officially starting his

career in entrepreneurship, just like his

dad Teodoro, Pedro thought of the great

emotional stair; that torments his father

nevertheless he decided to the

steps on how to successfully run a

makeup products retail store.

Guide Question:

Do you think

Pedro's personality

will never be a

burden to his

deign to be a



If it is all about that he is a bisexual

then simply YES, it will not be a hindrance to him

to succeed in his preferred profession, as

lengthy as he adored his operate and what he is

undertaking, there is nothing to be stress about.

In fact he can be more fruitful in his

operate because when he was a teen he

surely could provide his needs due to

selling cosmetics.

And Pedro is a great individual he always

imagine the good sides, because the moment his

father disagree with him if he took the

course running a business, he locate ways to get

enrolled in that program, he discover ways to

present what he's need also to sustain his


And nowadays there are plenty of

successful bisexual that succeed in

their desired profesions just like Mr. Joel

Cruz together with his perfume organization and Mr.

Fanny Fresco in cosmetics.

And we as well advice him

that he should not listen to what

other people say, rather make

it as a great inspiration pertaining to him to

succeed in his business.

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Adelante, jessica

Alingas, mae ann

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Abadsantos, ellaine

Baylon, lemuel

Bitangcol, genesis

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Canasa, mariann

Castillo, myla


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