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 Point to Point Microwave Dissertation

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Point to Point Microwave Style

Submitted by: Brondial, Marlon Ereño, Aileen M. Recio, Jeselle Versus. De Padua, Kristian Mhar G.

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Section I. The situation and It's Backdrop I – A. Advantages I – B. Background of the Area I – C. Aims I – D. Significance of the Research I – E. Meaning of Terms

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Chapter II. Review of Related Literature 2 – A. Microwave Program Overview 2 – M. Microwave Tranny II – C. Regularity Ranges II – D. Microwave resources II – E. Microwave Path Style II – F. The airwaves Path Profiling

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Chapter III. Design Method III – A. Site Selection III – B. Radio Route Profiling 3 – C. Transmission Calculations

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Chapter IV. PRESENTATION, ANALYSIS AND MODEL OF DATA IV – A. Site Variety IV – B. Course Calculation 4 – C. Topographical Site of the Map IV – D. Tranny Calculations IV – Electronic. Microwave Path Data Calculations Sheet

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Chapter Sixth is v. Summary, A conclusion and Suggestions V – A. Summary V – B. Results V – C. Tips

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A. Introduction

Microwave technology has been used for connection purposes considering that the 1940's. Regardless of the dominance, superiority of dietary fiber optics, microwave communication continues to be use since it offers very high reliability and has relatively low construction cost compared with fiber optic cabling. A microwave connection system would not require physical cables or perhaps expensive damping equipment (devices that preserve signal durability during transmission). Mountains, slopes and roofs provide economical and accessible bases for microwave indication towers. In addition, it used to design five 9's or 99. 999% of reliability.

Microwave transmission is definitely the transmitting of information or strength by the use of radio waves whose wavelengths are conveniently scored in little numbers of centimeter; these are called microwaves. This portion of the electromagnetic range falls between 1000 megahertz and 100, 000

megahertz. These correspond to wavelengths from 30 centimeters down to 1 ) 0 cm.

Microwave is known as a term used on identify electromagnetic waves previously mentioned 1000 megahertz in regularity because of the brief physical wavelengths of these eq. Because of their small wavelength that permits conveniently size antennas to direct them in narrow beams, microwaves will be wide used for point-topoint marketing communications. This allows local microwave equipment to use similar frequencies without interfering together, as reduce frequency a radio station waves do. Another advantage is that the high frequency of microwaves provides the microwave music group a very large information-carrying capability; the micro wave band provides a bandwidth 40 times that of all the remaining radio range below it. A


disadvantage is that microwaves will be limited to line of sight distribution; they cannot go around slopes or mountains as decrease frequency the airwaves waves can.

Microwave connection is the tranny of alerts via car radio using a number of microwave podiums. Microwave interaction is known as a sort of " line of sight" communication, because there should be nothing obstructing the tranny of data among these podiums for signs to be correctly sent and received. Additionally it is affected considerably by environmental constraints like rain diminish. It is also very sensitive to high pollen count and provides very limited transmission capabilities through obstacles through obstacles including high, complexes and forest.

B. Qualifications of the Position

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