Persona: the Long lasting Patterns of Thought, Feeling, Motivation and Behaviour That Are Expressed in various Circumstances.

 Personality: the Enduring Habits of Thought, Feeling, Determination and Actions That Are Expressed in Different Circumstances. Essay

Personality: the enduring habits of believed, feeling, inspiration and conduct that are indicated in different situations.

Individuality psychologists build general theories of the composition of individuality (the method personality techniques are organised) and person differences (the way people vary in their character characteristics).

Individuality theorists and Theories


Originator of psychodynamic theory: the word Psychodynamic refers to a wide number of theories that emphasize the overriding affect of in-born drives and forces, and the importance of developing experiences in shaping individuality. Freud's Types:

Topographic Style divides mental processes into

-Conscious: whatever we are aware of

-Preconscious: quickly retrievable

-Unconscious: not readily accessible, repressed info

The topographic model is additionally used to figure out dreams.

A central feature of Freud's psychodynamic theory was its emphasis on •Ambivalence (which is definitely conflicting thoughts or motives).

•Conflict (conflict or battle between other motives).

Fencesitting and discord are the secret in mental life.

•Compromise formations (the solutions persons develop to maximise fulfilment of conflicting reasons simultaneously).

The topographic unit addresses issue between mindful and unconscious motives.

Drive/Instinct Model focuses on what drives or motivates people. The model proposes 2 basic drives:

-Sex (Libido)


Developmental Model considered as the development of the libidinal travel, the key to personality expansion and hence suggested a theory of psychosexual stages.

The expansion model can be described as model of how children develop

The psychosexual stages are the stages in the development of persona, sexuality and motivation.


Oral: approximately the first 18 months of life, child explores the world through the mouth, which leads to dependence





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