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Software program Requirements Specs


Java Game Program (Java GP)

Version 1 ) 2 approved

Prepared by Lea Taylor

NovaSoft Laboratories

April 22, 2004

Table of Contents

Desk of Contentsii

Revision Historyii

1 . Introduction1

1 . 1Purpose1

1 . 2Document Conventions1

1 . 3Intended Market and Browsing Suggestions1

1 . 4Product Scope1

1 . 5References2

2 . Overall Description2

2 . 1Product Perspective2

2 . 2Product Functions2

installment payments on your 3User Classes and Characteristics2

2 . 4Operating Environment2

installment payments on your 5Design and Implementation Constraints2

2 . 6User Documentation3

2 . 7Assumptions and Dependencies3

several. External Software Requirements3

several. 1User Interfaces3

3. 2Hardware Interfaces4

3. 3Software Interfaces4

3. 4Communications Interfaces4

four. System Features4

4. 1System Feature 18

4. 2System Feature 2 (and and so on)Error! Take a note of not defined. 5. Different non-functional Requirements6

5. 1Performance Requirements6

your five. 2Safety Requirements6

5. 3Security Requirements6

5. 4Software Top quality Attributes7

5. 5Business Rules7

6. Various other Requirements7

Appendix A: Glossary7

Appendix W: Analysis Models8

Appendix C: To Be Identified List8

Modification History

|Name |Date |Reason For Improvements |Version | |Lea Taylor |Feb 18 |Needed to add information to team member sects |1. 0 | |Lea Taylor |April 20 |Final Draft essential for Product Roll Out |1. 2


1 Purpose

Novasoft Game Labs (NGL) is intent about bringing you the top entertainment computer software. The Java Game Player is actually a graphical user interface (GUI) that provides a platform for connecting various games into one straightforward package. Primarily containing games by the careful workforce in Software Engineering 4700 in Villanova University, the product shall offer other users to add in their particular games once it is produced to the public on Apr 29, 2005. This means that each of our product features limitless choices to grow into a video game system that is certainly widely used and supported. When released, NGL encourages users to build and play their particular games, seeing that our expansion is based on outdoors participation.

two Document Conventions

This kind of SRS is definitely pretty simple, divided up into areas detailing an overall description, the external software requirements, system features, and other nonfunctional requirements. As this is the final draft, any future alterations of this record would involve adapting the merchandise to changing systems and uses. Hopefully this guide the product develop to changing times concerning ensure continued use and success. The Document and Specification group have ready the overall data in this record to the best of their capacity. Once go through, it is obvious that each section is important to the overall SRS and significant to the job in its individual right.

three or more Intended Viewers and Examining Suggestions

This record is intended for almost any businesses interested in utilizing confer with NGL personnel, and any kind of game programmers interested in development games for the Java Game Player. The SRS goes into detail as to what our software does, and is also not necessary browsing if all you want to do can be play games. The data here explains product features, company goals, and end user requirements. The goal of NGL is always to make an easy-to-use interface intended for games, therefore there should be little or no that is hard to understand in the document.

some Product Range

Our company is intent about bringing a interface to get simple or complex online games that is user friendly and easily configurable. The main selling point to our video game, other than rendering endless hours of entertaining, is that...


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