Ojt Report

 Ojt Report Essay



A. Name and General location

M. Hotel Philosophy

C. Ownership/Management

D. Company Chart

E. Facilities, number of F& B stores, name and type


A. Regions of concern

1) Organization Composition

2) Procedure Systems and Procedures

3) Facilities, Tools, etc .

4) Manpower – scheduling, function method, varieties of communication 5) Work ambiance, inter – personal relationships lay-out, fresh air, color plan of business office.

6) Use of materials assets

7) Cleanliness procedures/ methods

B. Talents

C. Improvement Areas/Weaknesses

D. Recommendations




Seeing that Intramuros, Manila was specified as a universe heritage internet site in 95 by UNESCO; this famous place got no hotel facility made to international specifications. Thus, choosing the final use of the previous Dona Embarazo Blanco Licaros Building present it was acquired by the Lyceum of the Philippines University – LPU in 2006 was not difficult. A hotel that would provide countless tourist who come to Intramuros on a daily basis, not to mention the hospitality requirements of many establishment within just its wall space and adjacent environs and serving like a venue for the OJT needs of its hospitality and culinary students, was your logical and best make use of for home. Built in late 1960s, years ahead of building height in Intramuros were governed by the regulation, the Dona Concepcion Proposito Licaros Building was residence to the Home Savings Traditional bank and office buildings of the various company from the former Central Bank Texas chief, Gregorio Licaros. It is the tallest edifice inside the walled town, standing being unfaithful stories large with ordering unobstructed sights of the aged city, Manila, the gulf, the Makati skyline and the Sierra Madre Mountain for the east. Whilst standing on the very best point from the building if he made an ocular inspection when the building was provided for sale, LPU President, Atty. Roberto P. Laurel remarked these landscapes are precious for zero other building in the whole Metro-Manila can provide one such a wonderful, dramatic and close-up watch of the sights. And these views can endure through time for simply no other edifice can go up higher.

The Bay tea leaf, the The english language name pertaining to the Honra leaf, presents much more than what the resort guests have come to expect. As being a Boutique Type hotel, The Bay tea leaf Intramuros (TBI) differentiates alone from a larger chain or perhaps branded houses as the hotel considerably, intimate and welcoming setting.

A. Identity and Standard Location

The Bay leaf Intramuros (TBI) was a new born firm of the Honra clan; under by the Lyceum of the Philippines University. American presto new resort in the outdated walled town was located at Muralla corner Exito St . Intramuro, Manila. This Hotel was within the wall space, arrays of the baluaretes and puertas of the great wall surfaces of the old Manila. TBI was as well near to the most well-known landmarks of Manila including: Manila Catheral, Manila Town Hall, Rizal Park, Membership Intramuros – Golf Course and National Art gallery of the Israel.

B. Motel Philosophy

Eye-sight: The Bayleaf Intramuros Resort will be a worldclass, exceptional and distinctive Philippine hotel cycle. Mission: TBI commit to present genuine, progressive and exceptional service exceeding beyond their stakeholder's expectation passionately. Value Declaration: TBI is actually a caring team/company committed to trustworthiness, integrity, value, courtesy and efficiency. Traditions Statement: TBI is an empowered organization with a pleasing, caring, thrusting and growing culture.

C. Ownership/ Managing

The Bayleaf Intramuros Motel was owned or operated by the Honra clan plus the LPU – campuses. The hotel was still under the name from the school nevertheless it has independent entity. Atty. Roberto G. Laurel; CEO of the TBI together with Ms. Sally Lopez, supervised the improvement of the motel from the beginning up to now. Mr. Education Vitug; the appointed Standard...

Bibliography: 5. Pergidon, G. P ainsi que al 2006. Food, drinking water and environmental sanitation and safety pertaining to the Food Industry and Institutions.



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