Mycenaean Civilization

 Essay about Mycenaean World

The 1st great civilization on mainland Greece truly bloomed inside the demise from the Minoan Civilisation. The Mycenaean Civilisation (1900 – 1100 BC) is usually known as the Achaean Civilisation. This is due to the Indo-European migrants, who not simply settled on mainland Greece nevertheless also modified to the Minoan way of living.

Independent city-states such as Pylos, Corinth as well as Mycenae which has been the most strong of them all, was obviously a characteristic from the Mycenaean Civilisation. Mycenae was also metropolis of the popular figure Agamemnon, who was one of many leaders who also defeated Troy.

These city-states were reigned over by nobleman, whose palaces were on hilltops, surrounded within large walls, which were very easy to protect.

Mycenae with its impressive Gate of Lions became the taking over power in the Peloponese. These palaces rapidly appeared all over Greece, nevertheless unlike all those on Crete, these were most huge retraite and much more difficult to penetrate.

Much like the Cycladic Civilisation, an impressive legacy was also remaining by the Mycenaean Civilisation in the form of gold jewellery and decorations. A collection of these kinds of treasures is visible at the Countrywide Archaeological Musuem in Athens.

The Mycenaean were also literate and wrote in a software known as Linear B. This script is definitely an early type of Greek which can be unrelated via Linear A from the Minoan Civilisation of Crete. It includes however recently been deciphered.

Other types of the program Linear W have also been found on Crete, which includes led to the possibility that the island may have been invaded by the Mycenaean people at about 1500 BC.

At around 1400 BC the structure of Knossos was damaged on Crete, as well as devastation all over the tropical isle. This wide spread destruction \ many to trust that Crete was not bombarded by a foreign force, nevertheless that a revolt against the Mycanaean rulers experienced probably occurred.

Mycenaean artifacts have also been discovered in Italy, Eygpt, Asia Small and North Syria. It...


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