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" Analytical chemistry -I”

metal o2

" Oxides of metals are generally secure to temperature and they are considered to be most secure form of compound found in character. ” Oxides of potassium, sodium, calcium mineral, magnesium, aluminum, zinc, flat iron, lead and copper are stable to heat

uO C




" Mercury(II)oxide”

" orange red”


2Hg + O2

1 . The amorphous powdered changes to dark red and shows up almost dark-colored. 2 . It offers off a colourless, odourless gas which will relights a glowing wood splint a few. A silvery mirror like surface is formed near the mouth from the test pipe. On scratch the surface, this forms tiny droplets of mercury 5. Gaseous item -oxygen and residueMercury SILVER(I)OXIDE


4Ag & O2

1 ) The amorphous greyish powder on heating system leaves behind remains which is silver 2 . It provides off a colourless, odourless gas which will relights a glowing wood made splint

" action of warmth on larger oxide of metal” BUSINESS LEAD DIOXIDE 2PbO2 2PbO & O2

1 ) The shadowy powder changes to yellow powdered 2 . It gives off a colourless, odourless gas, which in turn relights the glowing wooden splinter three or more. The residue on chilling fuses while using glass and stains quality tube yellow-colored Deduction- gaseous product -Oxygen residue- Lead(II)oxide --->


2Pb3O4 6PbO + O2 1 . The amorphous powder becomes yellow shade. 2 . It offers colourless odourless gas, which relights glowing wooden splint. 3. The residue on cooling partially fuses while using glass and stains quality tube discolored. 4. Deduction- gaseous product - o2 residue- lead(II)oxide

" action of heat in





CALCIUM CARBONATE CaCO3 CaO + LASER 1 . Calcium supplements carbonate on heating leaves behind white deposits 2 . A colourless and odourless gas is progressed which turns lime drinking water milky. It includes no influence on K2Cr2O7 remedy or KMnO4 solution, likewise extinguishes losing wooden splint 3. Deduction- gas- carbondioxide white solid- calcium oxide

MAGNESIUM CARBONATE MgCO3 MgO + CO2 1 . Magnesium carbonate when heated leaves behind white colored residue on magnesium oxide 2 . A colourless and odourless gas is developed which becomes lime drinking water milky. It includes no impact on K2Cr2O7 remedy or KMnO4 solution, also extinguishes burning wooden splint 3. discount - gas- carbon dioxide white colored residue- magnesium (mg) oxide



ZnO + CO2

1 . The light amorphous sound on good heating becomes pale yellow colour. installment payments on your It gives off a colourless and odourless gas, which will extinguishes using wooden splint and transforms lime water milky nevertheless has no effect on K2Cr2O7 remedy or KMnO4 solution. a few. the deposits on air conditioning changes to white colour



PbO + CO2

1 ) The white-colored amorphous natural powder changes to yellowish colour. installment payments on your A colourless and odourless gas is usually evolved which in turn turns lime water milky. It has not any effect on K2Cr2O7 solution or KMnO4 answer, also extinguishes burning wooden splint. a few. The deposits on chilling partly combines with the cup and staining the test conduit yellow. some. Deduction- gas- carbon dioxide residue- lead(II)oxide also known as litharge or perhaps lead monoxide



CuO + CO2(g)

1 . The light green flitting powder becomes black shade on solid heating. 2 . A colourless and odourless gas is definitely evolved which will turns lime water milky. It has not any effect on K2Cr2O7 solution or perhaps KMnO4 option, also extinguishes burning wood...


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