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" The full art training is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of small minds with regards to satisfying it afterwards; and curiosity itself can be vivid and healthful only equal in porportion as your head is comfortable and content. "  (France, cited in Richards, 06\: 14)

This cast is very important to a effective learning environment and will be the philosophical foundation on which every learning and administrative features within my school will be structured. Educating is a skill and every musician needs good tools and an open environment in which to work. A dynamic socially interactive environment which nurtures curiosity and inquisitiveness merged with support and understanding for the needs and goals from the individuals within the school as well as the school community itself. Exploration and research will be facilitated and encouraged by teachers so that learners are given the opportunity to think critically and become specific, successful independent learners and collaborators. The classroom isn't only the main center to get learning yet also a source of inspiration, exploration and reflection on program development. Every subjects will probably be given an equal level of importance; problem and design based projects may play a role in blending the boundaries between subjects to obtain a more substance learning environment. There will be links with the global community as a source that performs a practical function in the educational process. Even as we move forward in to the 21st century additional skills such as problem-solving, cultural awareness and digital fluency are very important in order for the next generation to succeed in existence and be happy which is basically the purpose and aim of education. The Ideal

We all live in an expanding multi-cultural digital age; consequently how we believe, learn, connect, process and source details has changed significantly in recent times. This kind of rapid scientific advancement is placed to continue and consequently it is vital to add it in to our educational system. Digital media offers infiltrated nearly every part of day to day life and colleges should embrace this digital world the industry source of inexhaustible information and a valuable useful resource. Changes in curriculum are necessary to adapt the learning in order that it meets the needs of our digital contemporary society and pupils who have become accustomed to active technologies as a means of life. There is a enormous gap between how we take hold of and work with technology in society and within our educational system which needs to be addressed (Strommen and Lincoln subsequently, 1992: 467). The school will aim to develop students with digital fluency, awareness of global citizenship, sociable and mix cultural interaction skills that most support and complement a foundation of main knowledge. The combination of these kinds of competences along with a focus in emotional brains and a flexible approach to learning will empower students and prepare all of them for success in every area of your life. The development of many different aspects of the self will be adopted to be able to foster great emotional qualities and develop practical your life skills. " institutions of the future need to dedicate themselves considerably more intensely to emotional and social capabilities and add a more extensive, value-orientated education concept. The value of obtaining factual know-how will fall significantly, in favour of the ability to orientate yourself within just complex devices and find, gain access to and creatively utilize relevant information. ” (Clouder, 2007: 1)

The Classroom

The meaning of the word educate comes from the Latina word educe " to draw out, to develop from within" (Oxford English language Dictionary, 1989) therefore helping students learn how to think on their own and produce their own way through breakthrough based learning is the concentrate of the the classroom. " creative thinking is alone a way of learning something at the same time new. You're not quite sure where the trail of thought will certainly lead you. So there exists a connection between...

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