Mutual Funds

 Mutual Funds Essay

п»їChapter 04

Mutual Funds and Other Investment Corporations

Multiple Choice Questions

1 . В Which among the following buys a stock portfolio that is fixed for the life span of the account? В A. В Mutual fund

B. В Money market finance

C. В Managed investment organization

D. В Unit investment trust

2 . В ______ are relationships of investors with portfolios that are larger than most person investors but are still as well small to justify managing on a separate basis. В A. В Commingled funds

B. В Closed-end funds


G. В Mutual cash

3. В A __________ can be described as private expenditure pool open up only to prosperous or institutional investors that is exempt from SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION'S regulation and can therefore pursue more risky policies than mutual funds. В A. В commingled pool area

B. В unit trust

C. В hedge finance

D. В money market fund

4. В Advantages of purchase companies to investors include all but what type of the pursuing? В A. В Record keeping and supervision

B. В Low cost diversity

C. В Professional management

M. В Guaranteed prices of go back

5. В Which of the subsequent typically utilize significant amounts of influence? I. Hedge funds


3. Money market cash

IV. Equity mutual fundsВ

A. В I and 2 only

W. В II and III simply

C. В III and 4 only

D. В I, II and 3 only

six. В The NAVIGATION of which money is set at $1 per share? В

A. В Equity money

B. В Money market funds

C. В Fixed income money

D. В Commingled funds

7. В The two principal types of REITs are collateral trusts which will _______________ and mortgage trusts which _______________. В A. В invest directly in real estate property; invest in mortgage and construction loans M. В invest in mortgage and construction loans; invest immediately in real estate property C. В use extensive power; distribute lower than 95% of income to shareholders D. В distribute less than 95% of income to shareholders; make use of extensive leverage В

eight. В A dependant deferred revenue charge is often called a ____. В A. В front-end fill

B. В back-end load

C. В 12b-1 demand

D. В top end revenue commission

on the lookout for. В In the U. S. there are approximately _______ mutual funds provided by less than _______ fund households. В A. В 12, 000; 600

B. В 7, 500; 100

C. В 8, 1000; 500

Deb. В 9, 1000; 300

twelve. В In 1999, the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION'S established guidelines that should help to make a shared fund prospectus _______. В A. В easier to read and understand

B. В much more detailed

C. В disappear over the following 10 years

D. В irrelevant to investors

eleven. В Mutual funds provide the subsequent for their investors: В A. В Diversification

B. В Professional management

C. В Record keeping and administration

D. В Mutual funds provide diversification, professional managing, and record keeping and administration В

12. В The average maturity of pay for investments in a money market mutual fund is usually _______. В A. В slightly more than one month

B. В slightly more than one year

C. В about 9 a few months

D. В between 2 and 3 years

13. В Rank the next fund category from most risky to least dangerous. I. Collateral growth fund

II. Well balanced fund

III. Sector pay for

IV. Market bourse fundВ

A. В IV, I actually, III, II

B. В III, II, 4, I

C. В I, 2, III, IV


18. В Which in the following result in a taxable function for traders? I. Short-term capital benefits distributions from your fund

2. Dividend distributions from the fund

III. Long-term capital profits distributions from the fundВ

A. В I only

B. В II only

C. В I and II just

D. В I, II and III

12-15. В The kind of mutual finance that generally engages in marketplace timing is referred to as a/an _______. В A. В sector pay for

B. В index fund


Deb. В asset allocation fund

16. В As of 2008, about _____ of mutual finance assets were invested in value funds. В A. В 5%

B. В 54%

C. В 30%

D. В 12%

17. В As of 08, approximately _____ of mutual fund assets were committed to bond money. В A. В 14%

B. В 19%

C. В 37%

M. В 47%

18. В As of 2008, roughly _____ of mutual finance assets were invested in market bourse funds. В A. В 5%

B. В 26%

C. В 44%

D. В 66%

19. В Management fees intended for open-end and closed-end cash, typically range between _____ and _____. В A. В 0. 2%;...


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