module Dissertation

Module 3:

Natural Makes Affecting the Driver Vocabulary: Please define six (6) in the following conditions in your own words and phrases. Please do not just copy and paste the definition. 1 . Gravity-

2 . Inertia-

3. Potential Energy-

four. Kinetic Energy-

5. Friction-

6. Traction-

7. Centrifugal Force-

almost eight. Centripetal Force-

9. Deceleration-

10. Pressure of impact-

Module 4:

Indications, Signals & Pavement Marks

1 . Make clear the purpose of the next

A. The difference among solid and broken lines is:

B. Yellowish lines (broken or solid) indicate what type of traffic flow: C. White lines (broken or perhaps solid) indicate what type of traffic:

2 . Watch and explain the different symptoms in YOUR city. Give specific types of each (include color, shape, what the signal is for, and so forth ). A. A regulatory sign:

B. A motorist providers sign:

C. A pastime sign:

D. An indication that you know what it means because of its condition:

*If each one of the above indicators do not are available in your area then describe any several different types you observe in your community.

3. Explain 3 interesting or important information from Module 3 and 4. A.



Module a few & four

Component 3: Organic Forces Impacting on the Driver Terminology: Please establish six (6) of the following terms in your own words. Please do not just copy and substance the definition. 1 . Gravity-Is the force that attracts towards center from the earth. installment payments on your Inertia-When something happens to be remained unchanged

several. Potential Energy-the amount of one's that an thing may possess because of its placement 4. Kinetic Energy-The amount of energy an object can include due to its motion. 5. Friction-the rubbing of two areas sliding together

six. Traction-The proper grip of the tire on a highway

several. Centrifugal Force- a force that causes an object moving in a circular way to move out and away from the centre of its own path previously. 8. Centripetal Force-a force that draws an object that's moving in a circular motion going for the center being unfaithful....


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