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Synopsis from September 24 & 27


Comments were captured throughout the Open Properties and are summarized below. They may be not in a rank buy. Similar review were described. Comments are generally not verbatim, somewhat the key strategy summarized. In the event that these will not capture the sentiment with the comments, please send a note to [email protected] org pertaining to correction and/or modification



Additional History



Skyline meadow - Clear and keep natural compared to grass

Retain it peaceful

We all don't desire a place to see the city views, there are plenty of locations to do that

Generate it like a park – it is a zero brainer

Avoid encourage people to come up in this article

Don't discuss concepts right up until security is addressed

Woods – will oppose removing any trees on Hilltop Meadow


16 yr old shot on January six, 2008

Homicide - (+/- 15 season ago) appears to have been drug related Cannot find any reference to murder in Chastain Recreation area

Reference of drug related suicide 10-12 years ago

Reference (2006) of Chastain Recreation area girl trying suicide with vehicle

Teen drug and alcohol hang-out

Arson for Grill in particular turn out

Young adults burning Xmas tree via chimney of hearth in late 12 ,. Fire section put fire out. +/-6pm.

Shouts during the night (not specific to time). Not sure if they are getting attacked or perhaps engaged in sexual activity

Trails really should not be established. Emory put in trails and four girls had been killed.

Root provides call into Emory College or university for background and timing upon incident

Streets is Dark

Lighting synopsis will be part of security evaluation

Cars speed along travel

Park Drive traffic soothing is component to Trust Fund proposal

Activity all night about Friday/Saturday times

Kids chilling out after university

Pedestrians are generally not safe

MP initiative for PATH along south border of Playground. May take away turn outs

Lovett young ager perished of alcoholic beverages poisoning following drinking upon Park Travel

Smash and grabs coming from cars

Lgbt sex discounts

Install a manned booth in one end to screen those getting into Park Travel

Will not provide kids approximately area until it finally is safe

Will not support expense in area until it is safe

If Recreation area Drive is closed – concern that Drug Offers will take place near the closures (Stella) and people is going to park and walk in


Traffic is usually congested in WW/Dudley as a result of parking about both sides of street

Racing on Recreation area Drive, particularly with blind 4 corners

Consider bisecting Park Travel to enhance people safety

MP calls for longer term plan to put PATH to to the south side of Park Drive to enhance pedestrian safety

Ought to consider mix walks from meadow to meadow

In the event Park Travel is shut, where truly does traffic go?

During MEGA-PIXEL process, concern that Recreation area Drive traffic would change up Dudley and throughout Stella, putting addition targeted traffic into neighborhood


Crystal clear Kudzu

Trash – causes Rats

Tidy up what you possess

Mosquitoes because Pond is stagnant

Nancy Creek – smells (overflow on 9/24). This area needs to be fixed prior to you possibly think about the meadows CPC Table member that lives by corner of LF/Interlochen reports dramatic improvement in smell after tube installed. Not really reporting problems of smell. While there is tremendous improvement, there is still a large amount of function that needs to be performed on creek,


These meadows are not Necessary and no you have asked for these people

Skyline Meadow – we certainly have other sights of the Skyline from other aspects of the park That is not the intent from the concept

Crystal clear Pond and create sportfishing area

Fish pond needs Rainfall.

Water level issues being reviewed with Watershed.

Public sportfishing does occur and there are fish in fish-pond

Pond can be MP...


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