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University or college of Phoenix, arizona Material NUR/403, April almost 8, 2013

Nursing Theorist Grid

1 . Theorist Selected: Jean Watson

2 . Description of key points with the theory:

Watson's theory key point is definitely " qualified as the ethical and moral tips of nursing that has social and humanistic qualities” (Watson, 2012, l. 111). Watson's theory acknowledges the importance with the nurse-patient romantic relationship emphasizing the role of the nurse in nursing practice. Watson's theory describes breastfeeding with moral and sociable responsibilities perceiving caring and love as individual alternatives that nursing staff apply in their practice in behalf of patient proper care. Watson's theory incorporates 15 carative factor as a primary to nursing jobs: • Humanistic- altruistic system of values.

• Faith-hope.

• Sensitivity to one's personal and to others. • Helping-trust relationship.

• Advertising and popularity of the phrase of confident, and negative feelings. • Systematic make use of scientific problem-solving method for decision making. • Social teaching-learning

• Supporting, protective or corrective mental, physical, socio-cultural, and spiritual environment. • Assistance with the gratification of human needs. • The allowance for existential-phenomenological makes (Alliggod, 2010, p. 113-116).

3. Theory's historical background:

According to " Nursing Theories"  (2013), theorist " Blue jean Watson was born in Western world Virginia, ALL OF US in the nineteen forties. She graduated from the Lewis Gale School of Nursing jobs in Roanoke, Virginia, around 1962 and continuing her medical studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, exactly where she earned a W. S. in 1964, an M. S i9000. in psychiatric and mental health breastfeeding in 1966, and a Ph. Deb. in educational psychology and counseling in 1973. Blue jean Watson offered as Dean of Medical at the University Health Savoir Center; she is a Earlier President of the National League for Nursing. Watson is actually a distinguished Mentor of Breastfeeding and keeps an gifted Chair in Caring Science at the College or university of Co Health Savoir Center. The girl with founder with the original Middle for Human being Caring in Colorado and is also a Other of the American Academy of Nursing. ” According to " Nursing Theory"  (2011), " Dr . Blue jean Watson offers six honorary degrees, including an International Honorary Doctorate from your University of Montreal in Quebec, Canada in 2003, and a great Honorary Doctor of Sciences in Nursing from the School of Exito in Britich columbia, Canada this year. ” Watson's researches have been around in the area of caring since the key of nursing jobs practice. Theory of Man Caring designed in 1979, has developed over the years; this theory stresses the humanistic aspects of nursing jobs in combination with clinical knowledge (" Nursing Theory"  (2011). Patient theory gives new which means to nursing jobs and focus nursing being a distinct health profession. In accordance to Watson, the nurse's role should be to establish a qualified relationship with patients spending uninterrupted time with human being while thinking about the connection among body, mind, and heart to obtain great outcomes marketing health through knowledge and intervention (" Nursing Theory, " 2011). Watson also believes that nurse-patient romantic relationship described in her theory as " caring moments” influences the patient and doctor because of their common connection. In 1988, Watson changed her theory as " nursing: human being science and human care, ” submitting the publication " philosophy and Technology of Nurturing, Revised Edition” in 2008. Jean Watson created the Watson Caring Scientific research Institute to assist spread her nursing theory and concepts (" Breastfeeding Theory, " 2011). Full the following main grid based on the chosen theorist information.

Define each term based on the selected theorist.

Explain how the selected theorist's approach to every element of the metaparadigm relates to the following:

• Nursing...


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