Industry Need and Growth

 Market Want and Expansion Essay

Automobiles of Philippines

Eric L. Witthohn, Mandsperson Hutson, Pursue Hebert, Cody Campbell, Jennifer Johnson, Steven Yost MKT 571

The fall of 6, 2012

Tom Melpolder

Cars of Germany


Market Need

When a buyer is looking at a particular car to purchase one of the first things the consumer will look by is the tag window. The greatest information on the sticker may be the miles per gallon. The reason is , the mpg is important concern to the buyers. The higher miles-per-gallon the vehicle is listed as, the less your vehicle per year expenditure will be as a result of the higher cost of gasoline rates within the past few years. With the higher cost of gasoline value effecting your decision process for potential customers, Cars of Germany will be investing in to the first totally line of crossbreed model vehicles.

Market Expansion

The Cars of Germany be familiar with future of the auto market. Roland Berger Strategy Consultants forecasts that " 10% of new cars globally will be electric simply by 2025, and the larger category that includes hybrids and plug-in hybrids will have grabbed forty percent of the marketplace by then. That would mean that 50 % of new cars heading in to showrooms around the world would be at least partly electric” (Motavalli, J. 2012). The Cars of Germany will look to become this industry leader in crossbreed vehicles.



Item Offering

Item Definition

Item Identification




Motavalli, L. (2012). The street Ahead pertaining to Gasoline-Free Automobiles. Futurist. 46(2), 6-7.

Sources: Motavalli, M. (2012). The street Ahead pertaining to Gasoline-Free Autos. Futurist. 46(2), 6-7.


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