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Reliance new

Company summary:

Reliance Fresh is the comfort store file format which varieties part of the price tag business of Reliance Industrial sectors of India which is went by Mukesh Ambani. Dependence plans to purchase excess of Rs 25000 crores in the next 5 years inside their retail division. The company previously has in excess of 560 reliability fresh stores across the country. These types of stores promote fresh fruits and vegetables, favorites, groceries, refreshing juice pubs and milk products. A typical Dependence Fresh shop is approximately 3000-4000 square feet and caters to a catchment area of 2–3 km. Reliance Fresh was the first foray into selling by the $25 billion giant known as Reliance Industries Limited.

There were 3 basic reasons for Reliance Industrial sectors Limited (RIL) choosing foods and fruit and vegetables for stepping into retailing

Initially, it wished to go after the core of the great American indian retail Chance. Food made up over two-thirds of the one hundred dollar billion Of india Retail market but, it had noticed hardly any penetration by contemporary retail until now.

Second, it is aim was going to build a high-profitability business and food was perhaps The best place to start.

Third, the largely inefficient food supply chain offered a well resourced and well managed organization like RIL with a way to think of amending the defects which could also generate business sense. In the traditional supply cycle in India, there were a number of intermediaries, who added their respective income margin towards the cost

Besides, there was big wastage in transit. This kind of offered potential for savings and profits and Reliance New was a Help that way.

Reliance clean was founded upon 30th Oct 2006 having its head quarter in Mumbai.


vision to generate comprehensive growth and prosperity for farmers, supplier partners, little shopkeepers and consumers, Dependence Fresh, an auxilliary brand of RIL, was build to lead Reliability Group's foray into structured retail. As its inception in 2006, Reliance Fresh has grown in an organization that caters to a lot of customers, thousands of farmers and vendors. Based upon its main growth approach of in reverse integration, Dependence fresh has made rapid progress towards building an entire value chain beginning with the maqui berry farmers to the end consumers. Objective:

Its mission is to delight the customers every visit. Dependence fresh will continue to present unprecedented benefit to consumers across every its platforms and stores. Its mission is to grow through value creation. Goals

• To acquire a sense of how well the organization is serving customers.

• To identify problem areas.

• Give unmatched value, quality, convenience, service and choice • Offer our customers the widest array of fruit and vegetables on the best prices in the neighborhood

• Offer regular high quality, hard to beat freshness and great support so that the Customers understand that we can end up being trusted every single day.

• To apply customer feedback and offer the company with the tools That is customized to measure and meet the specific customer perceptions And needs.

• The chief objective of Reliability Fresh shops is to present customers excellent household goods at affordable rates.

• At the same time, the organization spares simply no effort to safeguard the interest of the farmers and manufacturers.

• The producers get a probability to sell many directly to the merchandiser, and this too on the best price.

Marketing Strategies programs and methods:

Use the Internet

• With the Net increasing in popularity all the time, it is extremely vital that you use Internet marketing as a way to boost market share.

• In order to make your access to consumers, they can produce a web site in which customers can view their merchandise and possibly buy products on the web.

• Providing their products on the net is a great technique of expanding all their business...


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