Lwod Char. Creation

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LIVING WOD Bana emmeyi anlat, emip geçmeyi anlat...


Specialties intended for attributes aren't allowed. A few ability specialties are available. List of available expertise (Ability)

Ability: Expression

Skill: Craft, Larceny, Performance.

Knowledges: Academics, Medication, Occult, Technology, Technology.

Character Creation

Qualities: 7/5/3

Talents: 13/9/5

Exercises: 3

Benefits: 7 (+3 with first dots)

Qualification: 5

Willpower: Courage Ranking

Humanity/Path: Conscience/Conviction+Instinct/Self-Control Ratings Value: Available for purchase through Freebie Items

Flaws: Limited with some Flaws.

Free: 15 details (Starting Character)

Willpower Limit: None

Path/Humanity Limit: Not one

Background Limit: 5 (Generally 5, for some Background Types the limitation can be reduce. For Particular Info, observe " Offered Background List" )

Obtainable Clan List

1 . Assamite (+ Antitribu)

2 . Brujah (+ Antitribu)

3. Gangrel (+ Antitribu)

4. Giovanni *

5. Lasombra (+ Antitribu)

6. Malkavian ** (+ Antitribu)

7. Nosferatu (+ Antitribu)

8. Ravnos *

being unfaithful. Setite (+ Antitribu)

15. Toreador (+ Antitribu)

11. Tremere (+ Antitribu)

doze. Tzimisce 2.

13. Ventrue (+ Antitribu)

14. Caitiff: ( (+ Pander)

*No Antitribu options allowed for Giovanni, Ravnos and Tzimisce ( Fiends in Camarilla? Fuck this shit! ) **Malkavians in Clan can train Dominate rather than Dementation because of " NSFW" conditions.

Purchasing Extra Self-discipline List

Readily available without Specific Background Research

1 . Animalism

2 . Auspex

3. Celerity

4. Master

5. Fortitude

6. Obfuscate

7. Potence

8. Existence

Available with Particular Background Reference

1 . Chimerstry

2 . Dementation

3. Necromancy

4. Obtenebration

5. Protean

6. Overthrow

7. Serpentis

8. Thaumaturgy

9. Vicissitude

Bloodline Procedures are not allowed through any special occasion.

Available Qualifications List


Alternate Identification

Domain (Maximum 2)




Influence (Maximum 4)

Position (Maximum 3)




Occult Library (Maximum 3)


Military Force (Maximum 3)


Surprise (Maximum 4)

Clan Disadvantages


Once you go black, you never get back.

Methuselah Being thirsty (Taste of Cainite Vitae tempts Diablerie) Brujah:

Brief Fuse


Temporary Dog Feature (Synergic Animal Features - Not dependent on a dice roll),

-1 Appearance ranking for every a few Animal Features.


Hold Of The Damned


Solid No Expression (Blurry)


1 Derangement (+1 Derangement for each level of Dementation over 5) Nosferatu:

Ugly because Fuck,

Ugly because Shit - for the Antitribu


Choose one particular Vice (+1 Vice for each and every level of Chimerstry above 5) Setite:

Mild Sensitive


Obsession to a form of skill (Rabbit within your Headlights),

Twisted/Pervert skill performance - for the Antitribu


Blood Chalice Bond (Can't take Unbondable Merit except for the Antitribu),

A Mark for the aura which is often noticed conveniently - for the Antitribu. Tzimisce:

Territorial (1/2 Dice pool area for each day time of rest cumulatively without the organization her indigenous soil till she has just one die in her pool) Ventrue:

one particular Feeding Limit (+1 Nourishing Restriction for every single Generation below 8 Caitiff: (

Zero Particular Some weakness: )

Exercises Cost 6 Experience Factors per appear in instead of a few: (

Caitiff: (

Can choose; 2 Common Disciplines and 1 virtually any Clan-Specific Discipline OR 3 Common Disciplines: )

Won't be able to choose Bloodline-Disciplines: (

Won't be able to take Status Background: ( (Except Anarchs - LOL)

Creating a New Discipline is definitely not allowed intended for players at the outset of the game due to your character's Age.: (

Caitiff players can create a New Discipline " In The Game": )

Available Nature& Attitude List:



Beleg Vivant







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