Death Penalty: Dead Wrong

 Death Fees: Dead Wrong Essay

DeathВ Penalty: В DeadВ WrongВ

TheВ conceptВ ofВ moralityВ isВ aВ setВ ofВ particularВ beliefsВ thatВ variesВ fromВ personВ toВ person. В TheseВ beliefsВ outlineВ aВ standardВ ofВ rightВ andВ wrongВ conductВ dependingВ onВ cultural, В religiousВ orВ philosophicalВ views. В MichaelВ Gazzaniga, В aВ psychologyВ professorВ atВ SantaВ Barbara, В arguesВ thatВ "... thereВ areВ certainВ universal, В guidingВ moralВ instincts” (421). В MostВ societiesВ haveВ similarВ ethicalВ stancesВ onВ certainВ issues, В suchВ asВ murder. В MurderВ isВ consideredВ byВ mostВ ofВ civilizationВ toВ beВ aВ heinousВ crimeВ whichВ isВ usuallyВ broughtВ toВ justiceВ byВ theВ deathВ penalty.  ​ MurderВ isВ unacceptedВ byВ

society, В yetВ peopleВ seemВ toВ pacifyВ themselvesВ byВ killingВ criminals. В HowВ canВ theВ governmentВ sayВ itВ isВ wrongВ toВ killВ whenВ theyВ areВ killingВ theirВ ownВ citizens? В TheВ useВ ofВ capitalВ punishmentВ isВ immoralВ andВ contradictsВ theВ valueВ weВ areВ tryingВ toВ upholdВ inВ ourВ legalВ system. В В

The first known legal document containing use of the death penalty dates back to 1700 BC in " The Code of Hammurabi”.  This code refers to a set of rules or laws enacted by King Hammurabi in ancient Babylonian civilization.  Within this code is the concept of " an eye for an attention,  a tooth for a tooth”; If a man knocks out another's teeth,  his teeth shall be knocked out as well​

. ​

ThisВ ancientВ expressionВ isВ generallyВ consideredВ toВ beВ unethicalВ inВ modernВ society. В WeВ doВ notВ kidnapВ theВ kidnaperВ orВ robВ theВ robber, В yetВ manyВ findВ justiceВ inВ killingВ theВ killer.  ​ HenryВ

Thoreau, В anВ AmericanВ authorВ inВ theВ 1800's, В didВ notВ condoneВ the ‘titВ forВ tat'В retaliation. В ThoreauВ criticizesВ hisВ fellowВ townsmenВ viewsВ ofВ justice, В " …thatВ afterВ allВ theyВ wereВ notВ soВ nobleВ butВ treatedВ theВ thiefВ asВ heВ hadВ treatedВ them…” (319). В TheВ townsmenВ ThoreauВ describesВ areВ similarВ toВ thoseВ whoВ advocateВ capitalВ punishmentВ inВ theВ justiceВ systemВ­В­punishingВ theВ murdererВ byВ murdering. В TheseВ " noble” figuresВ areВ allegedВ toВ haveВ highВ moralВ principles. В However, В ifВ theyВ doВ

notВ condoneВ theВ useВ ofВ murderВ becauseВ ofВ itsВ immortality, В usingВ theВ sameВ methodВ forВ compensationВ stripsВ awayВ thisВ nobility. В AlthoughВ ThoreauВ doesВ notВ directlyВ mentionВ capitalВ consequence, В itВ wouldВ beВ safeВ toВ assumeВ thatВ heВ wouldВ findВ thisВ retributionВ toВ beВ notВ onlyВ hypocritical, В butВ cruelВ andВ unusualВ asВ well. В

The 8th amendment of the Constitution prohibits the use of " cruel and unusual punishments”.  If a prison officer were to brutally attack an inmate,  it would be a violation of the th​


change. В TheВ useВ ofВ capitalВ punishment, В however, В isВ notВ categorizedВ asВ aВ cruelВ andВ

unusualВ punishmentВ inВ theВ eyesВ ofВ theВ JudicialВ System. В AdvocatesВ believeВ thatВ criminalsВ doВ notВ endureВ aВ cruelВ deathВ withВ proceduresВ likeВ lethalВ injectionВ­В­aВ painlessВ death. В Nonetheless, В thereВ isВ noВ suchВ thingВ asВ a ‘painlessВ death'. В AccordingВ toВ theВ onlineВ scienceВ magazine, В ScientificВ American, В theВ methodsВ usedВ areВ aВ " combinationВ ofВ barbaric, В paralyticВ andВ toxicВ agentsВ forВ accomplishments... AlthoughВ theВ procedureВ mayВ beВ subjectВ toВ FDAВ approval, В theВ agencyВ hasВ avoidedВ anyВ rulingВ onВ theВ cocktail'sВ efficacyВ inВ deliveringВ aВ mercifulВ death”. В ItВ wouldВ alsoВ beВ assumedВ thatВ aВ criminalВ wouldВ muchВ ratherВ preferВ aВ " cruelВ andВ unusual” violentВ beatingВ ratherВ thanВ beingВ putВ toВ death. В Fortunately, В someВ SupremeВ CourtВ JusticesВ agreeВ withВ theВ unconstitutionalityВ ofВ theВ DeathВ Penalty. В InВ theВ 1975В case, В GreggВ V. В Georgia, В GreggВ wasВ guiltyВ ofВ murderВ andВ armedВ robberyВ andВ wasВ sentencedВ toВ death. В FormerВ SupremeВ CourtВ Justice, В WilliamВ J. В Brennan, В foundВ thisВ punishmentВ unconstitutionalВ andВ statedВ thatВ " ​ DeathВ isВ notВ onlyВ anВ unusuallyВ severeВ

punishment,  unusual in its pain,  in its finality,  and in its enormity,  but it serves no penal purpose more effectively than a less severe punishment…set aside the death sentences imposed...  as violation of the Eighth Amendment. " ​

ThisВ finalityВ ofВ theВ deathВ penaltyВ exceedsВ theВ crueltyВ ofВ anyВ

otherВ punishmentВ provided. В NoВ matterВ howВ rationalizedВ advocatesВ makeВ itВ outВ toВ seem, В aВ lifeВ isВ...

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