Literature Review

 Literature Assessment Essay

Literature Review

Keith A. Cunningham

Grand Canyon University or college

Family Health Promotion


Dawn Peters

November 07, 2010

Materials Review

An assessment nursing literature was conducted using the Grand Canyon University online catalogue. The books was analyzed looking for sources to overall health promotion with the primary, second, and tertiary levels. From your review a few questions had been answered regarding the nurse's function in promoting health to the general public. Health advertising can be defined as aiding others to attain optimal wellness or because advocating promoting positive health practices become the norm by personal, exclusive, and community entities (Edelman & Mandle, 2006). As health promo is a relatively recent area of study, there are many definitions. However , the standard tenet of health promo is the reduction of disease and suggesting healthy procedures which lead to decreased morbidity. Nursing practice uses health promotion to boost overall health with the client. The nurse is definitely pivotal with this process in this the doctor provides education and support to the consumer. With the price cutting steps being employed in healthcare, usage of providers is starting to become more and more precious. It is the grasp of the doctor to load the breaks between access to providers plus the needs of the client. Nursing is becoming even more involved in the process of health promo. The nursing profession is known as a profession of caring. Nursing staff provide confident support towards the client and assist your customer to establish all their goals. The nurse uses their knowledge of healthcare and positive techniques to motivate and support the client to reach their desired goals. It is important intended for the registered nurse to understand the fact that goals with the client varies from the goal of the supplier. It is the responsibility of the doctor to understand the client's desired goals and to figure out methods that are acceptable to the client to attain those goals. Nurses by all areas of nursing are in charge of to implement health campaign in their practice. Nurses by all professions can teach, instructor, and encourage healthy practices with the consumer to guide them to their health goals. This could be with the individual client and with a private population, such as an occupational health health professional, or using a pubic population such as a school nurse or perhaps public health health professional. Primary wellness promotion is a prevention of disease by simply educating the client on appropriate nutrition, work out, sanitation, prevention of high risk activities, defense against diseases by simply immunization and protecting your customer from environmental factors pertaining to disease. Nurses can assist your customer in this area in a variety of ways. While most clientele can understand the education, they often are unable or unwilling to follow along with the advice of the doctor. Also, it could often fall on the nurse to prevent the condition or problem, such as the elimination of pressure ulcers on a debilitated consumer (Anders, et al, em virtude de 2). Secondary health advertising is the early on detection or diagnosis of disease. The goal of secondary prevention should be to alleviate the symptoms, prevent secondary problems related to the condition process, prevent spread of communicable diseases, and shorten the length of the disability linked to the disease procedure. The goal of supplementary prevention is always to extend the lifespan and improve survival. The nurse is associated with this process mainly by teaching the client in methods to improve the outcomes from the treatments being utilized. A good example of this would be training and encouraging your customer with CAD to quit cigarette smoking, control fat, increase work out, maintain their particular medication strategy, and control their blood pressure (Mosca ain al, 2010). Tertiary well being promotion involves restoring your customer to their greatest health condition and rehabilitation pursuing disease. The nurse's part in tertiary prevention is always to assist the consumer to find readily available resources, aiding in position, and training the public and...

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