List of research theme

 List of study topic Composition

1 . Words taken from Hindi

This link gives some of the phrases but we might have to go about the same oxford book to get the real picture or to make that short we just take terms starting from A to D.

3. Impact of english language on Of india culture

This would be a researchable topic. May cover Indian history, the british profession, the freedom have difficulties and the position of a fast growing country in Asia. Or show statistic evidence of prevalence of english channel in the education sector.

4. How british helped in creating the THIS economy in India

Comparison of different countries and the range of technical teachers in every single country with english while the primary channel. How The english language is the stato franca pertaining to the growth: -)

6. Just how masculine is the english terminology?

Take out words which in fact causes male or female inequality.

Eg: Using Fireman instead of the gender simple Firefighter

six. Critical analysis of the vocabulary taught (text books) in technical universities

This will want domain expertise and lots of time.

8. Important comparison of vocabulary used in TOI Vs The Hindu

Indio is perfect the english language but TOI knows how to maintain the crowd interested. Would need domain name knowledge... and this can become a questionable topic which could give you a lot free PUBLIC RELATIONS. Depending on the quality of the examination it would be positive/negative

9. Just how British is usually Indian English language (Comparison of English Compared to Us english)

Domain knowledge

1 . Terms taken from Hindi

This link gives some of the words nevertheless we may have to go through the entire oxford dictionary to have the real picture or to generate it short we just take words starting from A to D.

3. Influence of english about Indian tradition

This should be considered a researchable subject. Can cover Indian history, the uk occupation, the liberty struggle as well as the status of your fast growing nation in Asia. Or perhaps show figure proof of frequency of the english language medium inside the education sector.

4. Just how english helped in creating the IT...


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