Level 4 Award in Getting ready to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (Ptlls - Town & Guilds 6302)

 Level 5 Award in Preparing to Educate in the Long term Learning Sector Ptlls - City  Guilds 6302 Essay


Level 4 Award in Getting ready to Teach

inside the Lifelong Learning Sector

(PTLLS - Metropolis & Guilds 6302)


5th – 7th Sept 2012

10th, 12th and 13th 12 , 2012

18th – twentieth March 2013


Assignment 1: Device 008 (level 4)


Roles, obligations and relationships in lifelong learning Short for Job 1: device 008 (level 4): Functions, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning Use the poster template to publish an overview of the roles and responsibilities being a teacher inside your subject area and context. Term count: 1200 words

1) Summarise tips from the next legislation, regulating requirements and codes of practice that are relevant to the subject area.

• a)The Equality Act 2010

i. Exactly what the ‘protected characteristics'?

2. What tasks do you have, being a teacher, regarding disabled people?

• b)Health and Safety

i. What are your responsibilities when it comes to health and basic safety?

ii. What should you fill in if there is a major accident in your class?

• c)Safeguarding

i. Who also are ‘vulnerable adults'?

2. What are your obligations in terms of safeguarding and who have should you are accountable to?

• d)Professional Codes of Practice (as a teacher and as a practitioner inside your subject area)

i. Provide two examples of what this means regarding your specialist practice?

• e)Organisational guidelines

i. Are these the best responsibilities regarding the above?

2) Explain your working relationships which include:

• Working within a group

• Liaising with internal and external support services

• Limits/boundaries of your part as a teacher

3) List and rationalize strategies for making a safe and supportive learning environment, which include:

• Settling ground rules

• Meeting the needs of learners (Maslow)

• Developing group mechanics (Tuckman and active learning)

• Advertising Equality and variety

• Helping differentiation and functional skills

4) Sum up how you design, plan and deliver learning, including:

• Identifying requires

• Placing SMART learning objectives (Bloom)

• Using active learning methods

• Preparing accessible resources

• Checking learning and documenting achievement of learning results (RARPA

Tutor's formative reviews on assignment 1: Product 008

Content material:

Legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice:

Secure and Encouraging learning environment:

Working interactions:

Designing, planning and delivering learning:

English language, Presentation and Referencing:

Action points:

Teacher sign: Time:

Assignment two: Unit 009 (level 4)


Understanding inclusive learning and educating in long term learning

Short for Project 2: unit 009 (for level 4): Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning

Part one particular:

The essential criteria below are via a universal job description for a educating post in an adult learning college. Write a personal declaration explaining and justifying how you meet each one of the criteria. Make the personal affirmation relevant to your subject specialism.

Within your personal statement, consist of how you will support the diversity among the following specific learner groupings:

1 . Learners with exceptional learning troubles and afflictions

2 . Scholars who may have recently been out of education for a long time of time

three or more. Learners and also require newly arrived to the UK and for whom English can be not the first vocabulary

|4. |Essential Selection standards...

References: Ebooks

Brookfield, H D (1986) Understanding and Facilitating Mature Learning Buckingham: Open School Press

Insurance plan documents

Ongoing Learning UK (2005) Installing our teachers London: HMSO


Eccleston, K and McGivney, V (2005) ‘Are we excessively preoccupied with developing self-esteem? ' Adults Learning Vol 16 no 5 January 2005

Handouts and PowerPoints

City Lit up (2012) Methods for Differentiation City Lit PTLLS handout


Ofsted (2010) Common Inspection Framework Offered by: www.ofsted.gov.uk (accessed on 30/01/2012)


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