Lesson Plan

 Essay regarding Lesson Strategy

I – Learning Aim

* Utilize the index in locating info in a book

II – Subject Matter

A. Topic: Making use of the index in locating information in a publication. B. Sources: BEC IV Reading, Studying Skills 3

Growing in British Reading your five pp. 54-58

English language Expressways Studying 5


C. Materials: Graph and or chart, books, photocopies of crawls

Value Target: Care for books

III – Procedure

A. Preparatory Activities

1 . Review

Teacher's ActivityPupil's Activity

Let us review regarding the different parts of a book.

I have here a photo of a manga tree with fruits.

You are going to pick a fruit and read the inquiries,

then response as fast as you are able to.


1 . The web page at the beginning of the book usuallytitle page ma'am containing the title of the publication and the creator

and the publisher.

(very great! )

installment payments on your It develop the statement with the author'spreface/forword gratitude for the help given by the

people on paper the publication.

3. It has the material of the bookTable of Material

and web pages.

4. It contains all the choices or lessonsBody of the Publication of the publication.

5. This can be a part of a book that contains the listBibliography With the books and publications used by


6. At the end of the book, it contains listGlossary

Of words and meaning found in the book.

six. A part of the book consists of an alphabeticalIndex

listing of matters, subtopics and pages.

II – Motivation

I have here a short composition about literature. (Let us read the poem)

Books simply by Emilie Paulsson

Books are keys to wisdom's treasure,

Books happen to be gates to lands of pleasure,

Books will be paths that upward lead,

Books are friends, true friends without a doubt!

Based from the poem that we have read, -- Books are very important because they are what makes books crucial? keys to wisdom's value.

- Books are gates to gets of pleasure

Listen up! In other words, literature are important

because they are the source of knowledge.

3. Unlocking of Troubles

Okay class, you are going to organize the disorderly

letters as soon as you can. I will give you

a touch or hint.

1 . The words in the dictionary are arranged

according to the order of the letters of the alphabet.

What is one particular word pertaining to the underlined phrase?

I, H, T, A, G, E, C, A, Con, B, L, T, A, LALPHABETICALLY

2 . These are list of words organized

alphabetically with topics, sub-topics, and internet pages.


B. Developmental Activities

1 . Demonstration

(Teacher reveals a graph and or chart with a sample of an index)

Here is a component to a book obtained from a Scientific research book.

What part of the publication is this? Index ma'am

(very good! )


Earth, 9-8Einstein, Albert, 22-23

range from the sun, 11

mapping of, 18Energy, 25-27

movement of, 10 solar, twenty six

size of, on the lookout for, 17

Query, 46-51

Over shadow, 19, forty-four of atmosphere, 46

Of space, 47, 50-51

2 . Discussion and Analysis

A. What topics are normally found in the index?

The subject areas found in the index are Earth, Electronic Eclipse, Einstein, Albert, Energy and Elizabeth x Query

On what page can you find informationpp. 9-8

regarding the Earth?

About what page can you locate informationp. 19-44

about the Eclipses?

Upon what site can you get informationpp. 25-27pp. 46-51

regarding the Energy? and Exploration?

What do we phone the matters in an index? Main issues

What info is found on

page 14? distance of the earth through the sunpage 18? mapping in the earth page 10? movement of the the planet

page nineteen, 17? scale the earth

What do we contact those subject areas underSaub-topics

the key topics?

Consider the main topics, how are they will arranged? The key topics will be arranged alphabetically, ma'am.

Extremely good! How...


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