Lemon Turf as a Insect Repellent

 Lemon Lawn as a Bug Repellent Article


Gumamela Ext., Carmen Cagayan de Oro City

Contact #: 09359940397

Email add: [email protected] com


To enhance and develop my own skills during my field as a Business Administration Major in

Marketing Managing. I will make an application for any vacant position that could seek to my own degree. I'll be

hard operating and genuine to do my own responsibilities.

Personal Data:

Brand: Ma. Shirilenn G. Vergajo

Age: twenty one years of age

Addresses: Gumamela Ext,. Carmen Cagayan de Dinero City

Birthday: February 19, 1992

Height: 5'2

Educational Background:

2004-2005: Impasug-ong Central Elementary School

2008-2009: Bulua Region High School

2012-2013: Cagayan para Oro College-PHINMA education network


On the Job Trainee by Toyota Cagayan de Oro, Inc.


• Generation of Excellent leader and market designer seminar

• Workshop on speech Creation Seminar

• Go Negosyo Youth Entrepreneurship Seminar

• Marketing Recognizing Potential Workshop

• Internet marketing Seminar

• Green Minded Seminar

• The Art of Offering " Discussion Techniques” Workshop

• Youth Empowerment and Future job Branding Workshop


• Career- Advice Employment Coaching, Anti-illegal Recruitment and Labor Education Spiel

• Cagayan de Denaro College-PHINMAEducation Network Fun Run 2013

• System Evaluation Program(SAP) Business One


Names: Position: Contact No:

Dr . Vismenda Rabasa Principal @ City Central School 09064986638

Ian Acenas Vice Mayor @ CDOC 09188000426

Dear Ma'am/Sir,

We am composing to apply for the positioning that you're organization...


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