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core tenet of any organizational learning project is the fact without uncovering and improving errors in " what we should know" and " how we learn, " an company knowledge dips, becomes out of date, and can lead to " bad" decisions. Mainly because systematic awareness of knowledge supervision is relatively latest, it is specifically important to find these mistakes so that expertise management will not become another management novelty that promised much yet delivered small. If we usually do not identify and try to resolve these errors, " what we know" about know-how management could become little otherwise but mythology. As a consequence, we will be faced with the greatest knowledge irony: efforts to handle knowledge are themselves dependant on faulty knowledge principles.

The goal of this article is to draw awareness of a set of pervasive knowledge supervision errors. These reflections depend on the authors' observing or perhaps partaking in over one hundred knowledge tasks over the past five years possibly even. The focus is definitely on critical errors, that is, errors that if remaining uneorreeted prevent genuine expertise from being developed and leveraged. These are errors associated with the concept of expertise itself: just how knowledge is usually understood in organizational adjustments and how that understanding impedes knowledge administration.

Error We: Not Having a Working Definition of Knowledge

If knowledge can be not something which is different from data or perhaps information, then there is practically nothing new or interesting in knowledge administration. Yet various managers appear determinedly hesitant to distinguish among data and


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The Eleven Deadliest Sins of Knowledge Management

information on the one palm and expertise on the other; and, more importantly, that they seem hesitant to consider the implications of these distinctions. The tendency to prevent grappling with what knowledge can be should not be astonishing. There is tiny in the education, training, or organizational experience of managers that prepares all of them for the deep-seated representation and understanding required by the concept of understanding. Moreover, this example is amplified by some recent well-liked management literature that directly advocates not really making distinctions between these types of concepts. The argument advanced by these authors is that contemplation of such variations distracts managers from the necessary task of managing, ' However , expression upon principles and the variations among and between them is the essence with the process of " knowing" or perhaps learning.

This can be a critical error. It adds directly to all of the errors noted below. Likewise, avoidance of grappling having a working understanding of knowledge brings about a unable to start environment pertaining to knowledge function. Many management have advised us we were holding extremely hesitant to make use of the knowledge term and that they believed the anti-knowledge culture of their organizations motivated them to carry out knowledge operate by stealth. " There were to undercover dress our know-how project within a data warehousing architecture plan" is a true and consultant response. In fairness, firms have been attacked, at least since the 1960s, with multitudes of hypotheses and nostrums that have frequently proved to be of questionable worth. This has built many business owners skeptical, if perhaps not absolutely hostile, to new concepts and applications.

Error two: Ennphasizing Understanding Stock

towards the Detriment of Knowledge Flow

Once knowledge is definitely equated with information, it may not certainly be a surprise to find it identified principally as being a stock rather than as a movement. It is viewed as a thing or object that exists itself, that can be captured, transmitted among individuals, and stored in multiple ways within the organization. Indisputably, this " stock" point of view tends to dominate organizations' thinking about knowledge. This has come about partly because a number of early types of...


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